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When I think back at my My King of Fighters XIV Experience, I can’t help but look back at my Tekken 7 experience as well. Last year I relished the fact that I kicked my husband’s behind in Tekken. Not to mention I boasted about how good I’m becoming in this game. Hey, it’s probably the only game I can say that about, so it’s perfectly normal to feel good about it. And that part is still true. I still adore that game and can kick some but in Tekken 7. But something else happened along the way. Let me tell you tell you more about it.

The Inspiration For My King of Fighters XIV Experience

To be perfectly honest, my high levels of hubris and cockiness were decisive factors in my try at King of Fighters XIV. I figured cool. It’s a fighting game. And very similar to Tekken, so yeah. It’s good to try out new things. It’s going to be a piece of cake. Oh, how wrong I was about that. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the very beginning.

What’s King of Fighters XIV All About You Might Ask?

Well, in essence, it’s the 14th installment from the SNK’s franchise The King of Fighters. A Japanese fighting game for the true fans of the genre. KOF XIV takes the iconic gameplay that the series is known for while implementing new 3D visuals.

A first for a mainline entry in the series! Furthermore, it has a robust roster of 50 characters in the base game. Along with 4 DLC characters. Not to mention it contains both returning fan favorites and new characters. And yes. It’s safe to say that this entry is perfect for veterans and newcomers alike!

King of Fighters XIV All is available for purchase here at IndieGala. But if you’re an adamant fan of the aforementioned Tekken franchise… Then don’t despair. You can purchase Tekken 7 here at IndieGala too. Just click here and enjoy.

King of Fighters XIV

An Optimistic Start For My King of Fighters XIV Experience

It was an optimistic start for sure. But after a while, I started losing. Don’t worry it was bad for a while. But eventually, I got better. I don’t know if it’s the 3D model in this particular game or the fact that I’ve focused mostly on different games in the period from Tekken 7… But it took me a while to get better at my gameplay. And naively I thought that since I’m fairly good at Tekken 7 I will be at King of Fighters XIV too. Oh, how mistaken I was.

First and foremost let me just mention that I started with my usual routine. Picking a female character, since it’s been kinda my thing. Playing with female characters. Regardless if it’s an open-world game like AS Odyssey. More on that here. Or a point-and-click adventure like Sonya The Great Adventure. Love that game BTW.

Sylvie Paula Paula, Kula, Vanessa…

Mui Mui too… Not to mention Zarina and Athena Asamiya. I’ve tried them all and my poor long-suffering husband managed to beat me every single time. In every single fight. I guess it was his form of payback for Tekken 7. But right here in this experience, I learned two things about myself. First and foremost I’m a sore loser. And as much as I hate to admit it, I tried playing with male characters as well. For the first time in my Filmaholic Gamer experiences, I played with male characters, and coincidentally it was the first time I actually won.

Could be the fact that I did a little research, and found the strongest characters in the game series. Research always works BTW. So, right after that, Kim Kaphwan became my jam really quickly let me tell ya. So did Terry Bogard. Or it could also mean that Martin felt sorry for me and let me win once in a while. I’ll never know. But I’d love to think that the combination of the new characters and the fact that I began to think (therefore play) differently is a factor in my eventual success. I suppose practice does improve things.

King of Fighters XIV

However, there’s one thing that he said during my rage-infused, sore loser-inspired, temper tantrums/meltdowns… That kinda made me think. I’m paraphrasing:

Congrats honey. You’re a true gamer now. The only more appropriate thing you can do right now would be to break your controller. And in case that happens… Don’t worry. Been there and done that. This is my 3rd controller since 2020.

Come For The Characters, Stay For The Fighting

I have to admit. The characters are the first thing that attracted me to this game. Their colorful outfits (especially Sylvie Paula Paula’s), cool hairdos and unique powers. But I found that their fighting abilities are the truly special attributes about them. Sylvie’s fighting style is pretty awesome I must say. And while I’m at cool things, the stages are interesting as well. I liked some more than others (looking at you Navajo Land). But all in all, I liked The King of Fighters XIV. And yeah my Filmaholic Gamer experience was rough at the start. But oh so fun.

What’s Your King of Fighters XIV Favorite Character?

Let me know which character from The King of Fighters XIV is your favorite. And of course why is that? Because of the gameplay? Or you’re a more sartorial person and you just love their getup? Hit that comment section and let me know. I’d love to know all about it.

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