Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World fans!. It’s finally here. The long-awaited video game adaptation of Monster Hunter is out and I’ve already prepared a review on it, feel free to give it a look. It suffered multiple delays, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But Capcom and SONY finally said… “People need to see it!”. However, let us return now to my quick look of the game.

Monster Hunter World Is Something Else

Indeed, Monster Hunter World is something else. To sum it up, you are the Hunter in Monster Hunter and your task is to hunt down and either kill or trap monsters that roam in one of several environmental spaces. You can do it all by yourself or in a group of up to 4 people, thanks to the game’s multiplayer option. That is the MHW experience in a nutshell.

And in essence, it’s all you need from an action RPG game such as Monster Hunter. To kill some monster and to dominate the top of the food chain. But at the same time, Capcom managed to take out the bad from the previous games, and turn it into good. Over here in Monster Hunter World, you have much less prep and much more killing. And frankly, that’s what everyone’s here for.

Monster Hunter World

Monsters, Weapons And Action

In the meantime, you have thrilling boos fights, and a huge variety of weapons to fight them. Again, something you’ll eventually want to do here. For many many fulfilling and exciting hours as well. And speaking of those weapons and monsters, each of them take time to get used to, get to know them and find the best way to use them. The same goes for the monsters. The goal is to reach the best weapon and armor combo for maximum slaying effect. However, the world you’re immersed in is fascinating, and beautiful at the same time. Sure you may feel lost from time to time, but that’s the depth of the game talking. And you’ll most probably be spending 200+ hours in the New World, that’s for sure. My college can confirm with his own review.

But the bottom line is that Monster Hunter World is a great game. With a great fantasy setting, great visuals and an engaging world. Not to mention unique controls for each weapon, that will sure test your patience. But it’s worth it. And you should give it a try. Here’s where you can get it. You may also consider getting it together with the amazing Iceborne expansion. Don’t be shy. Snoop around and do your thing.

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