Monster Hunter:World Iceborne

Capcom’s Monster Hunter games are some of my favorites to write about. They really are. And the deluxe Monster Hunter experience is no exception. But, right now in this post, I will focus on the impending Monster Hunter film release. Yes, the potential Capcom cinematic universe was a great topic to discuss here, and so was the hype behind the upcoming movie adaptation of the franchise. I still feel the hype, so I figured a follow-up on the release is in order.

A deluxe Monster Hunter follow up on the current situation

And why a follow up you might ask? Well, A lot happened in these past few months since my first Monster Hunter article. Countries around the world are now relaxing the restrictions, bans and some of them are even opening their businesses. Case in point: movie theaters. Some of the movie theaters in the USA have already opened and several other countries are expected to do the same. Which prompts a lot of questions. Are the scheduled summer movie releases going to happen? And if so, how will attendance affect the box office performance? Furthermore, the Monster Hunter premiere is dependent on so many other movies before the September release date. Which ones in particular? Scroll down to find out all about it.

It’s going to be a good post, I promise.

Also, we do have plenty of great Monster Hunter World deals here at IndieGala, not going to lie. And of course, it’s really good to check some of them out before the movie premiere comes along. My colleague already penned an awesome review of Monster Hunter: World. But I thought it’s good to take notice of the Monster Hunter Deluxe Edition.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

Monster Hunter Deluxe Edition – What’s the game all about?

Just a heads up. I’m mentioning the Digital Deluxe Edition of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition. A set containing both the main game and the massive Iceborne expansion. Well, much like my colleague said in his review… It’s not a separate game, but it almost feels like it. Similarly, the all-new story picks up after Monster Hunter: World. Also, it whisks hunters away to the newly discovered chilly locale. The new locale, however, is home to several new and returning monsters ready to challenge hunters throughout their expeditions. It also raises the stakes with the added higher difficulty Master Rank. This leads to the ultimate hunter test against the mysterious new flagship monster, the feared elder dragon, Velkhana. Are you up for the challenge? You better be. It’s going to be one hell of a thrill ride.

And just like with any other great Deluxe set, the Monster Hunter Deluxe has plenty of great and interesting features. The Silver Knight layered armor set is there for your gaming pleasure. Next, there are the three different gestures (flourish, genuflect and the pledge gestures). Also 2 different types of sticker sets, Raising Dragon face paint, a flowing type of hairstyle. And last but certainly not least, there’s the new room decor set for room customization. But back to the topic at hand.

Monster Hunter premiere: Will it happen?

Well, according to some reports, the company is planning to go ahead with the premiere on schedule. With little more than three months until the premiere of Monster Hunter, the movie is expected to be released in movie theaters. No delaying, and especially no transferring to the streaming services like Netflix. Plenty of other movies have done the same, but not Monster Hunter. Capcom is insisting on theater release, but there’s plenty of time until September. And a lot of movies will be getting their premieres until then. They will become a sort of Litmus test to the success of the Monster Hunter release and, some of them need to take Bad Boys For Life from the top of the Box Office.
Will it happen? I don’t really know.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

Who will bear the burden?

Believe it or not, Russel Crowe will have the honor to do that. That’s right. The Oscar winner’s latest movie, Unhinged, will have its premiere on July 1st, and then it’s on for so many movies. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will open in mid-July, and Mulan by the end of that month. Bill and Ted Face the Music along with Wonder Woman 1984 are expected to premiere in August, and Monster Hunter arrives at the start of September.

All of the aforementioned movies will be subjected to strict regulations, but will also set the tone for so many others to come. Namely Monster Hunter. Capcom is closely monitoring the success (or the eventual downfall) of these releases. And these few months will become a true test of endurance for the company. Keep in mind that it’s unprecedented for a movie just months shy from the premiere not to have a published trailer. Any type of trailer. That’s the case with Monster Hunter right now, and I think that Capcom is testing the waters before they make any further steps.

Special protocols for maximum protection

So what’s to be expected in the months to come? First of all, even when the theaters do open and have screenings, undoubtedly they’re going to be different seating arrangements. Not to mention that temperature will be screened at the entrance and masks will become mandatory for the entire audience. And can you even watch a 2-hour movie with your mask on? I don’t know but we will have to at least attempt. Frankly, it’s a problem for so many fans.

Going to the movies is not like a trip to the supermarket. You can’t just put your mask on, walk in and out in about 10 minutes. You have to present there (movie theater) for quite some time. That alone won’t fill the movie theaters to the brim. For instance, Tenet is expected to earn more than 400 million dollars worldwide to break even. I don’t see that happening to be honest, but time will tell.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

What’s the movie adaptation all about?

Well, Mila Jovovich is back to what she does best. Kicking and fighting in her husband’s movies. She’s Ltd. Artemis in the movie adaptation. A Monster Hunter if you will. So, when Artemis and her loyal soldiers are transported to a new world, they will engage in a desperate battle for survival. Against who? Enormous enemies with incredible powers.
Tony Jaa, T.I., Diego Boneta, Josh Helman and the legendary Ron Perlman are in the cast of Monster Hunter as well. And although the budget of Monster Hunter is nowhere near the budget of Tenet, for instance, it’s very difficult to think about box office success even from now. It’s very difficult to predict if the movie will become a box office success.

Monster Hunter Deluxe and the Monster Hunter movie adaptation

The premiere of Monster Hunter is predicated on several good movies. They will show Capcom if a release in the middle of a global pandemic is possible. And not only possible but will it bring the success that Capcom is after? This summer is going to be a tricky one. Not just for Capcom but several other companies who are planning on releasing some new movies. What will happen? I can’t wait for September to come and to actually find out.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you expecting Monster Hunter movie to be released in September? If so will it bring success to Capcom? Tell us all about it in the comment section.

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