Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World is the game many have been waiting for. This saga has many fans but this chapter is also suitable for “novices” in the series. Capcom has decided to bet heavily on this videogame, trying to win over those who love open-world games and more.

Did the Japanese software house succeed in its intent? Let’s find out together in this review of Monster Hunter: World.

What’s the Monster Hunter: World premise?

Monster Hunter World: It's time to cook

Let me introduce this review with a premise. As far as it goes, Monster Hunter: World has a nice narrative. The basic story is well structured and is perfect for explaining the gameplay.

In Monster Hunter: World you have to play a hunter, a character that you can customize and name as you want. Believe me, you can spend hours customizing your character and give it all the details you want.

Main Character can be customized
Well…Wrong game

After you have fun with the creation of the character, the story of the game can finally begin. You’re part of an expedition and you’ve been sent to the “New World” to investigate the migration of Elder Dragons, scary and ravenous monsters.

The Elder Dragons can even change the nature of the eco-system in which they live and their power is amazing. However, it seems that someone wants to take over the monsters, using their power for selfish purposes. It’s up to you to find out the truth about their power and reveal who’s behind the scenes.

Again, don’t underestimate the story of Monster Hunter: World, because discovering it can leave you speechless and make your hunting experience unforgettable.

The bulk of the game: a ferocious gameplay

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

After spending a few words on the plot, it’s time to focus on the gameplay of Monster Hunter: World. Do you want me to summarize it with one word? WOW!

In the game, you will have an incredible amount of things to do. First of all, you should know that if you want to complete only the main story of the game you will have to play for several hours. How many? Well, let’s say 50 to 60 hours!

Besides, you’ll have to face side quests to get rare items. At the end of each mission you will receive an evaluation and to get rare objects you will have to try to be perfect in your every move.

Yes, quests everywhere

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait a minute, are you saying that in Monster Hunter: World there are also the Fetch Quests that you have so criticized in other games?“.

Yeah, but Monster Hunter: World can make this fun. The challenge level is very high and you will have to try your best to get the highest rank. Plus, these quests are not repetitive or boring.

Most of the time the secondary quests are frustrating and almost impossible to overcome. They are a real challenge. For example, to get the Rank 50 in the game you will have to kill a creature called Tempered Kirin. I have to tell you from now on: it will be your nightmare. But don’t worry, because if you are a real hunter, you will surely prevail!

Moreover, before accepting any quest, you can study your prey. This way, you can find out the monster’s weaknesses. At first, it may seem strange, but in time you will become an experienced hunter and you will love the gameplay.

Monster Hunter: World…to explore

Monster Hunter World: A map to explore

The keyword you’ll need to remember when playing Monster Hunter: World is explore. As the title of the game suggests: you have a world to discover from top to bottom. There are several areas connected, with different eco-systems and different monsters.

Unlike the other games in the series, when you move from one area to another you won’t have to wait long loading times. Believe me, this is really rewarding and will make the gaming experience fantastic.

Wonderful Landscapes

Exploring the map can take hours. I mean, you must have figured it out by now, if you want a longevous game, you have to bet on Monster Hunter: World.

Multiplayer: more hunters, more fun

Monster Hunter World Multiplayer

I also want to talk about the multiplayer of Monster Hunter: World. It must be said that this aspect has always been a strong point of the franchise. You can play with your friends and create a kind of clan to hunt monsters. In this way, you will be able to face different quests and succeed in obtaining the maximum rank.

I don’t want to discourage you, but sometimes you’ll have to face monsters with allies. Otherwise, you’ll be wiped out by the monstrous creatures. Plus, remember, you can create hunt tactics with your friends. You will need to pay attention to the basic characteristics of your character and especially to the weapons you use in battle. Also, remember to upgrade the appropriate defense to the monster you face and recommend the right equipment to your allies.

As for “old generation” games like Metal Slug, here you can enjoy the main campaign with your friends and live epic battles.

You want more? Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

Monster Hunter Iceborne

Usually, I don’t recommend DLCs. However, Iceborne is an exception. It’s not a separate game, but it’s almost feels like it. You will find yourself in a frozen area that will take your breath away and you will be ready to leave for a new campaign. New monsters, new objects, and new quests: what more could you want?

If you want, you can find this fabulous DLC right here on our store at a discounted price.

Are you ready for the hunt?

Believe me, as much as I’ve talked about Monster Hunter: World, this is only a fraction of what you’ll find in this videogame. I could never list all the details, otherwise, you would be reading a book and not an article about it!

Therefore, I invite you to try the game, it will involve you completely from the first moment. Remember, Monster Hunter: World is available at a special price in our store, do not miss this opportunity.

The New World awaits you, hunter, will you be able to face it?

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