Ori and The Blind Forest

The first time I saw Ori and the Blind Forest it was amazing. The colors, the lights, the direction: everything seemed enchanted. I looked like an excited kid looking at a colorful aquarium.

Then I finally decided to try it and I could see how this game is one of the best in recent years. Why? The pros list of this little masterpiece is really long. However, here are the main highlights of Ori and The Blind Forest.

Ori and The Blind Forest: a work of art, of colors and sensations

Wonderful graphics in Ori and the Blind Forest

Like I said before, Ori and the Blind Forest is a sight for sore eyes. From the first moments, you will be fascinated by the colors and animations of the characters in the game.

It’s like watching a Hayao Miyazaki movie. The design is light and elegant, embellished with warm and lively light beams. Believe me, in some stages you’ll have to focus on gameplay, otherwise, the visual style might distract you and make you lose.

Besides, in the background, you can see the animated forest elements at any time. These decorations almost seem to have their own life, as if they were real!

Everything is exceptional and has an emotional power that is rare to find in today’s games.

Ori and The Blind Forest: the power of poetic narration

Ori and the blind forest has an exceptional plot

First, you have to understand that the narrative of Ori and the Blind Forest is incredible. It is a fairy tale with many metaphorical references.

The narrator of the story is Ori, a guardian spirit raised together with Naru, his “mother figure”. In the prologue, Ori tells you about a large and lush forest. However, the forest is attacked by fire and its lifeblood seems to have vanished. Everything has become dark and it will be up to the protagonist to bring back the peace of the past.

I don’t want to tell you anything else since I wouldn’t want you to miss this exciting journey. It is one you will have to take without knowing too many details.

Regardless, I want to reflect on the metaphorical meaning of the game. From my point of view, each of us is Ori. We are protected by our loved ones during our childhood (most of us, at least) and the world seems to us full of light. When we grow up and have to explore the world, on our own, we discover that it is dark, full of pain and despair. However, with our actions we can positively change things and show our gentle soul.

The plot of the game has many other references and I’d like to know the meaning you’ve discovered, maybe in the comments section!

Gameplay between platforming and “Metroidvania”

A platform adventure Gameplay

Ori and the Blind Forest is a game that combines a fantastic plot with interesting gameplay. This videogame has a phenomenal game design. Don’t be fooled by the colorful graphics, the game is challenging and the difficulty is high.

I don’t want to lie to you, you don’t have to worry about your enemies. Of course, you have to be careful not to get hit, but the gameplay is not focused on the combat system as in another modern Metroidvania games, like Bloodstained for example.

However, you’ll have to be mindful of your movements, focusing on jumps and bursts at the right moment in the right place. You will also need to pay attention to the skills you will unlock during the run. I was very pleasantly impressed that at some point you will have to backtrack to explore inaccessible areas.

Ori and the Blind Forest and its gameplay

Plus, remember that even weather events will influence the gameplay. The scenarios will change from time to time, thunderstorms and a strong wind could create several problems for you. The key to going forward in the game is to be able to adapt to changes, evolving your style every time.

Finally, I want to make a small mention to the soundtrack of Ori and The Blind Forest. These sweet melodies will accompany you throughout the game and they are perfect.

For this reason, I recommend you play with your headphones, so you can enjoy an immersive experience that will take your breath away.

Ori and the Blind Forest: the essence of videogame art

If you want to try a wonderful game, you have to bet on Ori and the Blind Forest. Personally, I think this title is on par with To The Moon when it comes to a plot that makes you feel.

Try the game now and buy the Definitive Edition at a special price in our store. This edition will allow you to have exclusive content at your disposal, increasing areas, secrets and skills to discover.

Ori’s fate is in your hands, can you save the forest?

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