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While writing this review on Going Under I came up with one thing: this game is hellish. Don’t be fooled by the bright colors and funny characters, it is a complicated dungeon-crawler.

However, I recommend it even if you don’t love the difficulty and want to try a fun game that will turn your brain off. It seems a paradox, isn’t it? Well, to my amazement, I must confess that Going Under is a videogame that manages to combine casual and pro gamers. Why?

Find out by continuing to read my review on Going Under!

Send your resume and welcome to hell

The plot of the game
Well, it all looks good, doesn’t it? Heck, it doesn’t!

First, I want to analyze the history of Going Under. I enjoyed it so much and I want to congratulate the developers of the Aggro Crab team. In this game, you will be Jacqueline Fiasco, a young woman from the city of Neo-Cascadia who just got a job for the company Fizzup. The latter is a producer of fizzy drinks and Jacqueline will face a weird internship.

Her hopes of becoming a stable figure in the corporation’s Marketing Department, well, will be swept away by a descent into the company’s basement. There you will face scary creatures: exhausted employees who have lost all joy in their work. Yes, they are the worst enemies. Ah, there are also bloodthirsty monsters, but you can beat them without a problem, so don’t worry.

Going Under is a crazy, cynical, and funny adventure: believe me, you will love it!

Going Under review: an atypical and mad gameplay

A boss of the game

The gameplay is typical of dungeon-crawlers. You will face different areas and eliminate enemies who want to kill you. The particular thing I enjoyed was the setting of the play areas.

They are startups that are now on the verge of bankruptcy because of wrong investments or crazy ideas. While you eliminate the enemies you can laugh, because you will deal with goblins, failed musicians, and employees of a “hot” dating site. No, it’s not “hot” as in games like Itazura VR but, well, it’s particular. However, I don’t want to spoil the surprise and the fun that comes with it, you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Although the controls are easy and intuitive, Going Under is not a simple game. Its difficulty level is very high, suitable for those who may already have experience with dungeon crawlers of various kinds. Enemies manage to hurt you deeply, if you don’t pay attention to the game, a couple of fists of opponents can knock you out.

I want to give you some advice that will help you get through the hardest areas. In Going Under you can use every element of the setting as a weapon. So, take a quick look around every time you are in a new area and always choose the element that seems harder and stronger. Yes, some objects can be embarrassing, but if you want to move on you don’t have to be scrupulous! Plus, don’t jump headlong in the fights: study your opponents and attack them after identifying their weaknesses.

It is not easy to overcome the work routine

Going Under review: the level of difficulty is high
Yes, you have to kill emoji (Great!)

I enjoyed the high difficulty of the title. It manages to make the game long-lived and makes it enjoyable for those like me who love challenges. Regardless, in my review of Going Under I also want to talk about the possibility of modifying the gameplay.

The game’s developers made it customizable. You can change some settings to make gameplay simpler and enemies less effective. This way, you can enjoy the title without stress. In detail, you can activate the assisted mode, which will provide you with suggestions during fights, making you understand right away how to deal with a particular enemy.

In conclusion, you won’t have to worry if you consider Going Under too difficult for your standards!

Graphics and soundtrack: variety and richness of the game

Graphics and characterization

In games like Going Under, graphics can make a difference. An example is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which thanks to its graphic appearance makes the gaming experience unforgettable.

The developers of Aggro Crab managed to do a great job from this point of view. The settings of the game are always varied, full of details, and unique elements. Each stage/startup will have its characterization. You have to believe me, the graphics of the game will never be repetitive but will always amaze you.

Besides, I enjoyed the vibrant colors of the game. In short, thanks to these elements Going Under constantly involves you and delights you. I also want to highlight the soundtrack of the game. The music gives the perfect rhythm for the frenetic action of gameplay. Choose the right headphones to wear during your gaming experience and enjoy a full immersion into the world of Neo-Cascadia!

Going Under review: sarcasm as sharp as a sword

Sarcasm at its finest

One last thing I want to show you in my review of Going Under is the excessive presence of sarcasm in the dialogues. Trust me, some of these will make you laugh. The jokes exchanged by the different characters are gold. It is a game that even from writing proves to be a small masterpiece, just like Indivisible.

Going Under: Will you prove it?

Going Under is a breath of fresh air in the world of videogames. It is a title that combines originality, difficulty, and great desire to amaze gamers.

I recommend you try it. You can find it discounted in our store. If you’ve already played it, then share your opinion with the Indiegala community and describe what you think are the pros and cons of this game.

Face the world of work the right way, you have to Going Under!

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