Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, published by Playstation Mobile INC., is one of the best triple-A games released in the last period. Well, at least that’s my thought.

In my opinion, this game is the perfect example of how an open-world game should be. What are the positive aspects of this title? Here’s everything you need to know about it. But first, let’s enjoy its awesome trailer!

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition: an interesting story, but…

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Story

The premise of Horizon Zero Dawn is fascinating. Humans live in tribes, divided and different. Mankind seems to have returned to the prehistoric era. The protagonist of the game, Aloy, is an outcast warrior who tries to do anything to restore her reputation.

Aloy is a fighter and will try to prove her worth in battle. Humans hunt and defend themselves against metal beasts, robotic animals that are ferocious. The latter seems to come from the future, that is to say, an incredibly technologically advanced era.

Regardless, Aloy is different from all other human beings. She has the “Focus” a technological object created by the “Old Ones”. Plus, Aloy is a mother-less woman, no one knows who she is who gave birth to her. For this reason, Aloy will seek to discover her destiny, making exciting revelations about metal monsters and those who are called the “Old Ones“.

Will the girl be able to shed light on her roots? It depends on you and the way you will lead the adventure in Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition!

As I mentioned, the plot of the game is gripping. Anyway, it seemed to me something already seen. Maybe I’m a science fiction fan and some things seemed trivial to me. However, if you’re a fan of the genre, you can immediately sense some twists and turns. Overall, this does not spoil the experience; it will give you the reason to keep playing and find out how the story ends!

A customizable gameplay


The gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn is hard to describe. There are variations in the game, summarizing them in a few lines may seem like a feat. However, I will try to do so in the best possible way.

In some ways, Horizon reminded me of a classic Action RPG. Exactly, a mix of Dark Souls, Code Vein, and Monster Hunter World.

The main enemies of the game will be the mechanical beasts. Just like in Dark Souls, sometimes you won’t have the strength to face the enemies. For this reason, you can decide “to grind” and earn the experience or equipment you need. Alternatively, you can look for a different way, opting for stealth action.

Overall, you can completely customize your gaming experience. You can choose to wear light armor and dodge shots or wear armor that can enhance a state effect. Aloy is your character, you can change your build constantly. In this game, you can also change equipment during a battle. You can do it and this will allow you to defeat even the most fearsome enemies. Or at least, you will be able to fight to the bitter!

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, an extraordinary open-world

Horizon Zero Dawn game world

The best feature of this game is the vast Open-World. Believe me, exploring the game world will be a continuous discovery. You will marvel at wandering through the different biomes. Besides, you will be amazed every time you meet beasts never seen before. Remember that every “animal” has its weak point, often connected to the place where it lives. So don’t underestimate the world around you, look at it well and you can use it to your advantage.

Moreover, during my gameplay, I was fascinated by the hundreds of activities to do. You’ll always have a mission to complete or a quest to accomplish. I dropped some side missions, but if you want to do a full immersion in Aloy’s world you can focus (heh!) on everything.

Just think, if you’re going to discover the whole map, you’re going to have to do one more activity, climb the Tallnecks, giant mechanical monsters that will run in certain areas. It sounds incredible, but even this can be considered a side mission!

If you want my advice, concentrate on the secondary quests before proceeding with the main plot. Trust me, you will be fascinated by some of them and you will also earn great rewards.

Ultimately, how long the game last? Well, if you focus on all the activities you can get to 70 hours of play without problems. Another reason to give a chance to this game!

Horizon Zero Dawn is a difficult game?

The answer to that question is…no. Despite all the activities to do, Horizon remains an easy video game. Of course, in some stages, it will be particularly challenging. However, we are not at the levels of Ghostrunner or Superhot, where you have to be perfect to move forward. With the appropriate level-ups, you will be able to overcome all enemies.

So, you can try this title even if you may not have much experience with action RPGs. Don’t worry, Horizon Zero Dawn can be the starting point to discover other fantastic titles of this genre.

A breathtaking graphics


If you think about the graphics, this game is impressive. Some landscapes are spectacular. If you can, try to play it with the recommended requirements. I’m warning you, you’ll need a powerful computer, but it’ll be worth it.

In addition to the dream landscapes, you can also enjoy the design of mechanical monsters. Some are interesting and original. Also, as I said earlier, their design is functional for gameplay. Every enemy will have a weak point, so study it and you can shoot the arrow to strike at the right spot.

The superb graphics contribute to your involvement in the game. In a nutshell, Horizon Zero Dawn can transport you to a fantastic world thanks to many aspects: graphics, history, gameplay. I assure you, you will play for several hours but time will fly.

Complete Edition: what does it include?

With Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition you can have different content. Of course, you will have access to the full game. Besides, the expansion “The Frozen Wilds” will also be included. This adventure will unlock a new section of the map, an icy area, and new beasts to hunt. I know, it seems Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but believe me, this expansion is also worth a try.

Moreover, you can get exclusive outfits and unique weapons. In short, for a complete experience, you have to try the complete edition!

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition: try it now

If you want to try this game, you can buy it in the Indiegala store at a special price. I’m sure it will become one of your favorite triple-A!

Alternatively, feel free to share your thoughts. Hey, you can also talk about the upcoming Horizon Zero Movie. Discuss with others about Horizon Zero Dawn and comment on what you liked the most!

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