Sonya The Great Adventure

I know…. I just had a post about adventure games and how awesome they are. However Sonya The Great Adventure is more than an adventure game. It’s a hidden objects game first and foremost, and then it’s an adventure game. However, I’m mostly excited about it, because it’s the first of that genre that came into my Filmaholic Gamer Review repertoire. And secondly, because it’s one of the most cerebral yet fun games I’ve had the pleasure to play so far. Yes, I did enjoy Syberia a while ago (revisit my article here) and I blame it for getting me hooked on these genres. A cool and exciting point-and-click game is always fun in my book, and I can’t get enough of them these days. Heck, I even enjoyed Deponia, a lot too. But this is a bit different. Sonya The Great Adventure was a different experience for me. Let me tell you all about it.

Sonya The Great Adventure: A Nice Change From RPG’s

It is, but during my tenure here IndieGala, I discovered that I love (and frankly prefer) the point and click/hidden object/puzzle games. Or as my husband would say… Video games for chicks. But yeah. I relish every chance to use my brain cells, rather than on the possibility to kill zombies/aliens in a senseless manner. Not that it’s wrong, but I do love a bit of diversity. So, yeah. You might say that I grew to adore my chick games, and I’m proud of it damn it.

And speaking of….. Sonya The Great Adventure is one of our freebies, and you should definitely check it out (by clicking here). Hey, it’s free. Do it now. However, I must also mention our other freebies, which are all available for immediate consumption here at IndieGala. The Last Dream: Developer’s Edition is another great one (available here) and so is Inbetween Land (available here). But to make sure to check out Deep Despair (available here) and Cube Runner too (available here). It’s freebies galore at IndieGala, and you can enjoy in all of them. All you have to do is get them.

Sonya The Great Adventure Is Addictive

First and foremost let me just mention how happy I am to be playing a video game on PC. Rather than on PS4 (or hey, a combination of both). No, this is a job for my PC and I love it. But If you’d care to revisit my past video game hardships then you should check out my Borderlands 3 Filmaholic Review (click here for that). And considering that where I live the weather is already in the 38 degrees Celsius mark (on the date I’m writing this anyway)… you might say that, the game was a nice distraction from the heat. I got to indulge in it late at night (when it’s cooler and I didn’t had to crank up my AC) and yeah… After I’ve had my 10th shower of the day. I had fun to say the last. The unbearable heat will likely continue in the days to come, so yeah. It’s gonna be fun :(.

Sonya The Great Adventure
Yup. It’s hoooot

But I enjoyed Sonya The Great Adventure a lot. Even in this unbearable weather. Do you remember how I always go on and on in my Filmaholic Reviews about the characters, the story and the development of… well pretty much everything? Well, I couldn’t care less here, because I was so immersed in the cool puzzles and search for hidden objects. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the story (or the cut-scenes) that helped carry the game throughout. It’s about Sonya’s quest for answers and getting back what was stolen. After the barbaric attack in their home, the thieves stole her sister’s (Lily) vitality. She must get out of the house and return the precious vitality back, but there are a lot of obstacles beforehand.

The Puzzles Are Good

Oh yes, they are! Really good. And quite frankly they’re MVP of the entire game. And yeah. I enjoyed (almost) every single one of them. I say almost because some of them were a lot more harder to solve, which understandably made me more pissed. It took me a while to solve them (and the aforementioned heat didn’t help matters much). But hey. Being a rookie made me also choose the casual mode of difficulty, and you can bet you behind that I abused that hunt button to oblivion. I used and abused that hint button until there was no life left in it. He was like… Relax girl, I need to recharge first. Hey, I prefer to think of my lifeline and I have no shame about it.

Sonya The Great Adventure

But while I’m on the subject of puzzles, some of them were a bit confusing, I have to admit.  And while I’m being honest, I didn’t care all too much about the mini-puzzles. With the exception of 2-3 in the entire game, the others were pissing me off for most of my gameplay. But I did develop a quick eye for actually finding the hidden objects. Which is actually fun, and yes, I went through the list of items really fast. Clicking randomly was a waste of my time, so I thought to utilize my time more efficiently. So much fun I tell you.

The Visuals Are Great Too

I’m talking about the drawings of course, and the voiceover was not too shabby either. But yeah. The colors are vibrant and the drawings are good. What’s not to like? I did enjoy Sonya The Great Adventure for sure. Perhaps even more so than Deponia really. And I’m really looking forward to another hidden objects adventure. So, stay tuned for that. A lot of great hidden object adventures may be on the way here at IndieGala.

Sonya The Great Adventure

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