Brewmaster is next folks. And given that we’re in the middle of a World Cup tournament in football, we’re gonna need it now more than ever.

However, Brewmaster is a simulator game. One of the many many (and we do mean many) simulator games we have. From sport simulator games like Football, Tennis, Rugby and the even so popular NBA games… To some of the niche ones. Such as the Bee Simulator game. You can check out our article about that here. Or the Drug Dealer simulator game. Yes, we had an article about that. Here it is.

But now… Brewmaster is a hot topic in this article. It’s also the inspiration for it, so it seems logical to find out more about it.


What’s Brewmaster all about?

Developed by Auroch Digital and published by Fireshine Games, Berrmaster is you’ve guessed it… A Beer brewing simulator. It allows you to use a huge range of ingredients and equipment to brew different beer styles, and learn the process from start to finish.

So come on. Come up with your own recipe and create the beer of your dreams with a thorough. True-to-life simulation of brewing chemistry.

Turn passion, precision, and preparation into progress. Not to mention, you get to enter competitions, fulfill job requests, and unlock better equipment. And finally… grow your reputation as a Brewmaster!

Customize your beers by designing labels and creating your own brands!

Get Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator here. Get it now.

And what are some of the Steam User comments saying about it?

  • StoicYT says One of the better simulator games I’ve played; really nice to crack a cold one and chill with.
  • While The_Zero Cool adds: Coming from a brewer this game is tough and enjoyable. it really makes you work for the perfect brew. To me that is perfect!

Brewmaster And BeerFest: A Perfect Pairing For This Article

Yes, it is. Both of these projects (as different as they be) have one thing in common. Beer. One is all about brewing beer, while the other one is all about drinking it. Yes. That’s right. BeerFest celebrates Beer consumption in the most hilarious way possible, but if you’d like to find out more about the movie…

Scroll down.

The two brothers Todd (Erik Stolhanske) and Jan Wolfhouse (Paul Soter), go to Germany to scatter their grandfather’s (Donald Sutherland) ashes in his beloved homeland. While in Munich, the German branch of the family, the Wolfhausens, accuse their American relatives of stealing a precious beer recipe. So, naturally, the Germans retaliate by abusing and humiliating the Wolfhouses at Beerfest.

On the other side of the family, Todd and Jan (determined to restore their good name) assemble of team of former drinking buddies to best their German counterparts. They’ll join Landfill (Kevin Heffernan), Barry (Jay Chandrasekhar) and Fink (Steve Lemme) in a dream- team of beer drinkers. And they’ll train long the year to participate in the competition. What they’ll find out in the meantime, will surprise even them.

A Pleasant Comedic Surprise!

What surprised me when I watched it (during one of our long and tedious quarantines) is how funny and outrageous it is. It’s crude, raunchy and without a filter. It’s the perfect antidote to today’s bland and benign PC comedies. Understandable, since it’s been almost 18 years since it was made. However, what it did gave us is an understanding of the Broken Lizard’s humor.

And here’s the thing. If you’re not a fan of Broken Lizard’s recognizable humor, you’re probably not gonna like this movie. But if you are, you’re in for a treat.

Uniquely Stereotypical Characters That Are A Blast

Every single character is unique in his/her stereotypical inflated way. Just like any other stereotypical character out, there right? Well, over here it’s more hilarious than it’s offensive and it somehow works. From the very Jewish, very nerdy Charlie “Fink” Finkelstein to the very stoic and very German Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen. And pretty much everyone in between. The late Oscar winner Cloris Leachman is hilarious as the sex-crazed Great Gam Gam Wolfhouse. The plot of Beerfest is pretty straightforward. And filled with jokes throughout that never leaves you with a dull moment.

Granted some scenes are a bit much for some palettes (the hilarious frog scene first comes to mind). But all in all, they come with the territory. If you come to watch a Broken Lizard project, you should know what to expect by now. Can’t really fault them for this really. But if you want to take it a step forward perhaps you should watch it with a pint of a cold beer. Perhaps even turn it into a drinking game. Get creative, but responsibly. For now, I can’t help but recommend Beerfest.

It’s brash, dumb and hilarious. And sometimes it’s all you need from a comedy.

But Are You A Brewmaster Fan?

Let us know if you are. And feel free to share your favorite Broken Lizard project. Is it Beerfest? Or perhaps Super Troopers? How about Tacoma FD? Hit that comment section and let us know.

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