Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends is a casual game that struck me from the first time I saw it. This game intrigues with its special and funny mechanics. Take a look at the trailer and you will be convinced!

Have you seen it (if not, you may also want to check some golf movies)? Let’s discover together in my review what are the features of this title published by Team 17.

A simple but captivating gameplay


Golf With Your Friends is not a sports videogame-like PGA Tour 2K21. Rather, it is a casual title that can entertain anyone, both those who want to engage in a challenge and those who just want to turn off the brain for a few hours.

There are several mini-golf courses available in the game. Of course, the fewer shots you take to complete a track, the higher your score will be. I appreciated how each level is treated to the maximum from a graphical point of view. You can immerse yourself in colorful, lively, and attractive environments.

I must compliment the Blacklight developer team. They did a great job on the golf ball physics. Besides, you’ll need to have some skill to try to throw the ball where you want. Don’t take the gameplay for granted, Golf With Your Friends can be harder than it looks!

Golf With Your Friends: play it…with your friends

Golf With Your Friends game

Without a doubt, this game can give you hours of pure fun. Its multiplayer structure is light, not frustrating, and drags you at a pleasant pace. You can always search for new online games and challenge players from all over the world. However, if you have the chance, I suggest you to try it with a group of friends!

In this way you can have fun with the different levels, discussing how to overcome the most extravagant courses and increasing the level of competition. In my opinion, Golf With Your Friends is the ideal game to spend some healthy time in the company of good friends, just like it happens for Among Us. After a few games, it will become one of your favorite pastimes, I’m sure!

Try it now, don’t wait any longer

Golf With Your Friends can be a delightful addition to your virtual collection. If you’re bored, trying this game will “save” you, I guarantee it.

You can find it at a special price in our store, in a few clicks you can redeem it on Steam at a minimal cost.

Are you ready to become the king of mini-golf? With this game, you can show your friends who’s in charge!

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