Assassins Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a game I have slightly overlooked. Why? Well, I didn’t put it on the Ultimate List of Assassin’s Creed games. Also, I never devoted a full review to this chapter of the series, which I did with Odyssey.

Does that mean it’s a bad game? Absolutely not! AC Origins has some notable features that will make fans of the franchise happy. Let’s find out together what are the key aspects of Assassin’s Creed Origins in my full review of it. Also, don’t forget to check out the AC Franchise Sale while it lasts.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: changing the history of the saga

Assassin's Creed Origins change the story of the saga

I don’t want to lie but when Assassin’s Creed Origins was announced by Ubisoft, I didn’t take it well. In fact, I consider myself a fan of the saga and have played all the chapters of it. I also consider myself a “traditionalist” in the sense that the story of the assassins for me has always been the one started by Altair, continued with Ezio Auditore and bloomed in the New World thanks to Edward Kenway.

Despite the technical flaws, I also appreciated Unity and Syndicate, which were in historical periods still unexplored in the universe of AC. But Origins, well, is set BEFORE the adventures of Altair. So, it’s sort of a prequel, a retcon of the saga.

I don’t want to bore you, but it seems fair to digress a little and ask: Why didn’t Ubisoft stop before?! Why change the history of the saga and of fans? And above all, why not create a new IP set in Egypt, perhaps echoing the tones of Prince of Persia?

I know I won’t have a precise answer to my questions, and that’s why I’m asking for your opinion. Let me know through a comment what you think about it and discuss it together with the IndieGala community!

Okay, but did you like the story?

Assassins Creed Origins

Yes, I know now is the time to analyze the game. Objectively. I have to be honest, despite my fan complaints, Ubisoft has done a great job with the plot of AC Origins.

In the game, we can follow the adventures of Bayek and his wife Aya, in a story of revenge and struggle. As you continue in the plot, you will understand that what lies behind the initial events is much more complex. Yeah, just like Assassin’s Creed II.

I don’t want to ruin your gaming experience, so I don’t want to underline the situations you can face in the game. Moreover, exploring Bayek’s adventure in the first person is much more impressive.

However, I want to mention the good choice of Ubisoft in the care of the secondary characters and the many quests. Each narrative component of the game has its meaning and nothing is left to chance from this point of view. It is a small positive revolution of the series since in the previous chapters some minor quests were superficial.

Objectively (yes, I have to keep telling myself that), Assassin’s Creed Origins has a good plot and for this I recommend it.

Endless exploration and fabulous landscapes

Great landscapes and exploration in Assassin's Creed Origins

The thing that struck me most about the game is the endless exploration. Believe me, the map of the game is very large and the places to visit are immense. Ancient Egypt, then, is a marvel that on more than one occasion will take your breath away.

I enjoyed the boundless open-world that allows you to accumulate hours of play without realizing it. Assassin’s Creed Origins never gets tired of exploring and secondary quests. A good evolution for the saga that under this aspect was deficient and repetitive.

As always, Ubisoft has done an excellent job from a technical point of view. The colors, the details, the atmosphere: the historical reconstruction of the environments is excellent.

If you want some advice, when playing AC Origins don’t always follow the main story, but wander the map in search of secrets and upgrades. In this way, you can immerse yourself in the setting and your gaming experience will be unforgettable.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Combat and Parkour

Assassin's Creed Origins and the combat system

At this point, I want to deepen some details about the gameplay. The combat system in the videogame amazed me. Ubisoft has thought to insert numerous mechanics, taken directly from the previous chapters of the saga.

To fight (heh) the repetitiveness of the clashes, the developers allow the player to choose how to eliminate enemies. You can choose to kill them stealthily, in full Assasin’s Creed style, or fight them face to face using your best weapons. You can also use external elements such as ferocious beasts trapped in cages.

To always have an advantage then, you can use Negu, an eagle that will give you a top view, just like the drone of Watch Dogs 2. To tell the truth, the fighting seemed too simple. The AI of enemies is not developed to the maximum and overcoming some areas is easy.

Anyway, the game is fun and not stressful, I think these are two good reasons to play it. Finally, I want to make an honorable mention of Bayek’s parkour. The system is very fluid and makes climbing simple and exciting. I liked to see how a trademark of the series has been optimally improved.

It’s time to travel (in time?)

Ultimately, it is worth playing Assassin’s Creed Origins. Also, it is even better to play this videogame at a low cost. In our store, this chapter is available at a special price. You can also take advantage of the Deluxe Edition that includes some crucial DLCs.

Do you want to find out where the assassins came from? Well, play Assassin’s Creed Origins and let me know if you agree with the choices of the story or even you, just like me, have something to say!

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