As I previously mentioned (in my previous posts), golf is not one of my favorite sports. But PGA TOUR 2K21 won me over and now it’s really growing on me. Well, the movies more so, than the sport itself, but I’ll get to the movies in a sec.

Yes, I did name one of my previous golf related postsThe Golf Club: Boring Sport, Fun Movies“. And yes, the bad news is I still stand by it. I still think it’s boring. But the good news is that I found some more great golf movies for you. However, I must warn you. This time, I’m switching things up. I’m going to include a mix of genres and countries in this particular post. Just to keep things interesting. Sounds fun? I thought so too.


Oh, and you know what else is interesting? The sale on PGA TOUR 2K21 that we’re currently having here at IndieGala. Yup, and it’s worth checking out as well. But that’s all fine and dandy. What about the game itself? What’s it all about?

What’s Going On In PGA TOUR 2K21?

Well, according to the developers HB Studios, it’s the latest and probably the best simulator game from the vast pool of 2K sports games. At least that’s how the satisfied customers on Steam think since it has a bunch of positive reviews there. And believe me, there were plenty of them. But have you seen the promo trailer?

Oh boy. You’re going to love it. Justin Thomas, Christopher McDonald, SchoolBoyQ and The Miz all in one place. Promoting the game and having a blast. But the truth is that I was really sold on the presence of Shooter McGavin. Pardon me. On the presence of Christopher McDonald. I loved him in Happy Gilmore, and I love him now. Oh, and yes. I included Happy Gilmore in one of my previous posts, so there. Check it out by yourself.

However, PGA TOUR 2K21 allows you to play against the pros in the sport. The best of the best. And with your team too. Not to mention, you can play by the rules of the sport, or just invent your own. The end goal is to prove you’ve got what it takes to become a FedExCup Champion. Are you ready? We sure hope so.

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PGA TOUR 2K21 And Another Batch Of Great Movies

If you thought that I’m going to run out of golf-themed movies to share, think again. But as I mentioned earlier in this post, for the first time ever, I’m going to include movies with mixed genres, and countries as well. So strap in. Here are some of my picks. I sincerely hope you’ll like them.

The Squeeze

Man, I cannot catch a break from Christopher McDonald. I’m joking of course. The man loves golf as much as he likes playing villains. And he’s not afraid to show it. But all joking aside, this is a perfectly decent movie about a lot of things. It’s about gambling, betrayal, greed as much as it’s about golf and that’s what’s interesting about it. Moreover, the movie is apparently based on real-life events, and they make the story hella interesting, all by itself. Which events you might ask?

The sad and desperate tale of a talented golfer called Keith Flatt. He got caught up in a web of high stake golf matches, and along the way involved his family in it. Indeed, apparently, that’s a thing in the sport of golf. But on the brighter side, the acting is fairly decent (especially from McDonald) and the golf scenes are exceptional. It’s really a good movie, and with one incredible story in the middle of it.

Seve: The Movie

I told you I will mix things up. The truth is…. this is a rather peculiar movie. At least in the composition anyway, since it blends dramatic recreations with archive footage. But the final product is truly a mesmerizing and uplifting movie about an icon. Likewise in essence it’s a fine biopic about a true rock star in the sport of golf. The Spanish legend Severiano Ballesteros. At the same time, it’s an inspirational rag to riches tale of overcoming obstacles. And of course, proving to the world that success is possible with determination and hard work. And a dash of charisma. I doesn’t hurt now does it? It’s really an incredible movie, and one of the finest movies about this sport. I highly recommend it.

Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk

And now, a proper documentary. But not about any golfing icon or even the history of the sport. No, Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk is focused on the people that are almost invisible on the golf course. The caddies. You know, the men who carry the golf clubs and accompany the golfers on the course. Well, now they’re finally acknowledged in a proper documentary and it’s truly a good one I might add. It’s definitely more fun to watch than the sport itself, but the appearances of some fantastic people make it even more fun. Hey, Bill Murray is even the narrator here. And I highly recommend it. If you’re interested in the golf’s other half that is. I never knew that I was, but I highly enjoyed this movie.

The Founders

Of course, it seems fitting to end this post with another inspirational story. A rather different story, but inspiring nonetheless. The Founders is a documentary about, you’ve guessed it: The 13 founders of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Sadly during the filming of the documentary, only 4 of them were still alive. But these ladies defied the societal expectations, defied the norms and rules of the era. And of course, paved the way for so many female golfers to come. True trailblazers of the sport indeed. However, among the many interesting things in this documentary, you will also find something else. That they used their own money to stage golf tournaments and thus taking things in their own hands. The ladies also fought for equal pay, respect and equality among the male-dominated sport. True pioneers, don’t you think?

Which Movies Would You Add-In This PGA TOUR 2K21 Post?

We’d love to know which movies would you rather put here? Which are some of your picks for good golf movies? Are they documentaries or basic motion pictures? Tell us in the comment section.

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