Tennis World Tour 2

Tennis World Tour 2 is out and everything is better now. Seriously, 2020 is still a terrible year for the whole world, but the gaming industry manages to give us small pearls. One of these is this innovative tennis simulator from the Big Ant Studios.

As you can guess, this is the sequel to Tennis World Tour, a game that left me slightly satisfied. Plus, Tennis World Tour 2 can be considered the rival of AO Tennis 2, one of the best sports games of recent times.

What’s great about this sequel dedicated to the world of racquets? Let’s discover it together in my review of the game!

Tennis World Tour 2: more fluidity than ever before

Doubles in game

The movements and fluidity of the first Tennis World Tour were not excellent. Sometimes some uncontrolled motion made the gameplay unpredictable and almost “broken”. From this point of view, Big Ant Studios (exactly, the same studio that developed the aforementioned AO Tennis 2) have done a great job.

Each player moves with lightness and coordination. The movements are quite realistic and make the gaming experience enjoyable. You can forget strange shots or without any logical sense. Besides, fans of certain players like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer can feel extremely satisfied. Their favorites have been digitally transformed. The developers have reproduced their movements faithfully, with maniacal care in detail. If you choose to play with their virtual counterpart it will be a real treat!

Moreover, I also appreciated the greater attention to graphics. Stadiums have many features that make them almost identical to real ones. The audience also seemed more “alive” to me. In general, when you play a match you will experience a warm and immersive atmosphere.

However, there are still small graphic flaws. Players during the cutscenes of the match seem too “cumbersome“. These are imperfections that you will notice even if you use cameras close to the court. Regardless, you can turn a blind eye to these aspects. Overall, Tennis World Tour 2 takes giant steps forward if you analyze the graphics, technique, and fluidity.

A dynamic and competitive gameplay

Tennis World Tour 2 gameplay

Okay, I want to tell you about my experience with the gameplay of Tennis World Tour 2. Hey, it’s always exciting when we bloggers tell about our gaming experiences, isn’t it?

I want to try the game so I start a match by choosing the king Roger Federer of course. My opponent? Kyle Edmund. Yeah, I admit, I like to win easy. I consider myself quite experienced with tennis video games so I decided to come to the point and try the shots available. To my surprise, I find myself faced with competitive and varied gameplay.

There are so many things you have to pay attention to while you’re playing. You have to control the movement of the tennis player, choose the right timing, keep an eye on the fatigue, and calibrate the power. All while trying to anticipate the opponent’s moves. It took me a while to figure out how to beat Edmund, I have to say it wasn’t easy. Anyway, I liked how the gameplay is very mixed.

I felt like I was going back to the time of the games cabinets when in the arcades you always found Virtua Tennis or Top Spin and spent lots of coins to try to beat the great champions. Besides, with the best players on the roster, you can also use special power-ups. These are upgrades that allow you to shake up the game. I suggest you use these tricks in the crucial moments of the game because they can make a difference.

Overall, I can finally say that I tried a competitive and difficult game to the right point. It’s a rarity these days, isn’t it?!

Tennis World Tour 2: everyone is here

Tennis player Benoit Paire in game
He’s Benoit Paire and he’s identical! Google him if you want a confirmation!

I also wanted to say a few words about the roster of the game. Many professional players are included among the playable characters. Each of them has a well-defined style and particular movements.

ATP’s 25 male players include Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem, Alex De Minaur, Benoit Paire, Fabio Fognini, John Isner, Alexander Zverev, Stanislas Wawrinka, and many others. Moreover, there are 11 female WTA players: Bianca Andreescu, Ashleigh Barty, Petra Kvitova, Elina Svitolina, Caroline Garcia, Madison Keys, and others.

In short, you will be spoiled for choice!

An interesting career mode

Tennis World Tour 2 Career mode

Finally, I want to focus on career mode. You will have the chance to create your player from scratch. You can customize every aspect, from aesthetics to style of play. If you want advice, don’t underestimate the first stage of character creation. When you start your career you have to build the foundation of your future champion.

Plus, I liked how this mode can make you live virtually the experience of being a professional tennis player. You’ll have to have everything under control: tournament planning, training, which coach to choose, and how to increase your popularity. In short, an adventure to enjoy 360 degrees!

The more experience you gain, the stronger you become. Will you be ready to climb the world rankings? It’s up to your tennis player!

The best tennis simulator of this generation?

I can’t tell you if Tennis World Tour 2 is the best tennis simulator in recent times. Surely it is a nice game, especially if you love this sport. To be honest, there are still small flaws that could be eliminated. What do you think? Is this a game worth playing? Share your opinion with our community!

Alternatively, if you want to try the game before talking, then buy it now at a special price in our store and get on the court against the tennis champions!

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