6 Funniest Indie Games for the Weekend

While you’ve probably never even heard of most of these games, there are a few reasons why we recommend them. Firstly, they’re some of the funniest indie games available in this summer’s best bundle deals. Also, for the bitesize titles that they are, they actually play quite well. Lastly, after you spend a few hours laughing through, you’ll find yourself about 60 Steam achievements up!


6 Funniest Indie Games

“Fight the battle you already won, but never remember.” Before you came into the world as a bundle of joy, many others were competing for your spot. In fact, in order for you to come, shots were fired. It was a dark battle, and the deeper you went into it, the harder it got. Fortunately, the story had a happy ending. Don’t you think that’s a battle worth reliving, again and again?

Spermination’s gameplay is very fun and fluid (as it should be). You can pick it up in today’s Friday Special Bundle along with 9 other Steam games.


6 Funniest Indie Games

Mr.Vegan’s struggle to build lean muscle mass had some rather fruity effects on his mind. So, when his shrink advised him to take vitamin B12 pills, an OD was in order. What follows is Mr.Vegan’s vitamin induced lucid dream in which he flies through bizarre locations on a chili pepper. The real question is: will Mr.Vegan ever wake up?

Actually, the real question is: is that chili pepper even hot or are those fireproof underpants? As with all open-ended questions, there’s only one way to find out.

Kebab it Up!

6 Funniest Indie Games

When your kebab slips you always try to catch it. So, when it just ups and runs away you can be darn sure you’re going to chase it! Let’s be honest: any good kebab worth its weight in sauce should be a doner (lame pun on the word “donor” — just laugh). That’s why the very selfish, running kebab in this game deserves to be caught and gobbled up. Perhaps you’re up to it? Catch up with the runaway kebab and 11 other Steam games in the Monday Motivation Bundle.

Maybe Drinking. Russian Style

6 Funniest Indie Games

We’re not able to vouch for this indeed being one of the funniest indie games to play this weekend. (Actually, we absolutely are. But you know, that’s our answer in case Putin calls.) What we can say (and Putin probably agrees) is that good vodka is meant to be enjoyed everywhere! Don’t believe us? Take a trip to the Kremlin with a bottle straight out of the Indie Vault Bundle.

Ripped Pants at Work

6 Funniest Indie Games

#ThatMomentWhen you become the office laughing stock. Play this game and join us in showing solidarity for all those suffering from Post Ripped Pants Trauma. While cheap sweatshop clothing continues to flood our markets, you can expect an uptick in these occurrences. Just remember, you are not alone — and see if you can find a spare pair in the Indie Vault Bundle.

Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant

6 Funniest Indie Games

While most of the games on this list will straight crack your ribs with laughter, this adventure will help you catch your breath with puzzle-solving point-and-click play. Cassandra and her trusty crossbow, Antoinette, are out to find the legendary Sea Tyrant’s treasure. Need we remind you of all the funny things that happen when people go searching for treasure?

More of the funniest indie games…

With 80+ PC games in 8 bundles starting as cheap as $1, you’ll probably have no trouble finding funny moments by yourself. And when you’ve had your comic relief, you’ll likely want to dive into some more serious gaming.

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