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Witch It! is a game that in recent times is getting very successful. On Steam and beyond, many express a positive opinion on this title. But is it worth playing? Let’s find out together in this mini-review!

Witch It: what kind of game is it?

Witch It game

It’s hard to label this game. The most appropriate category could be that of the casual game because it is an easy game that attracts the masses as Among Us or Fall Guys.

The purpose behind the game published by Daedalic Entertainment is very simple: it is a reinvented hide-and-seek fantasy theme. On on side there are the hunters, on the other the witches and, well, the first group tries to kill the second. It’s clear, isn’t it?. It is a game that gives the best of itself in multiplayer, I recommend you to play it with friends because you can have fun for hours without ever getting tired.

Simple but effective gameplay


Maybe you wonder what Witch It gameplay is like. Well, it’s easy. You will be able to play this title and have fun even if videogames are not your main hobby.

If you’re a hunter, you’ll have to do anything to eliminate the witches. That’s right, your team’s goal will be to eliminate these hags as soon as possible. You will have at your disposal several offensive abilities, such as potato throwing or melee attacks that will serve to stun the witches. Believe me, some actions will be bizarre but incredibly funny. However, remember that you have a time limit if you can’t find all those who have hidden before the end you will lose the round.

If you are a witch, well, you will not have any offensive abilities. That’s right, you will just have to think about hiding and saving your skin. However, you will have a great power at your disposal : you can blend in with any object on the map. Let your imagination run wild and avoid being burned at the stake.

There are five different game modes: Hide and Seek (the main one), Mobification, Hunt a Hag, Fill a Pot, and Creative. I suggest you try them all and have fun.

Why try Witch It?

I suggest you try Witch It if you want to have in your collection a nice and light game. Besides, you will appreciate its cartoon-style graphics, pleasant and beautiful, which reminded me slightly of that of Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion.

If you want to buy Witch It now and try it, you can find it at a special price in our store. Are you already a player of this title? Then tell us about your experience and find new challenges for your online games!

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