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The events of the last few weeks have made me make some thoughts. Seriously gamers, don’t you think that we are slowly moving towards the Cyberpunk 2077 future? Personally, if things don’t change, I think we’re destined to live in a dystopian world. It’s not a bright prospect, is it?

Why do I have this belief? Well, let me explain my point of view.

What do I mean by Cyberpunk 2077 Future?

Cyberpunk 2077 future explained

First, let me explain to you what I mean by Cyberpunk 2077 future. In Cyberpunk 2077 there are no more governments. Or rather, there are some political characters, but they are just puppets.

Corporations run Night City and the world. They are multinational companies that seek to control every aspect of human life. On the one hand, they provide the latest technological innovations, but on the other, they keep the crowd on a leash.

Besides, every conversation of ordinary citizens seems to be monitored by corporations. Simply put, total control over everything. Nothing can be truly free, not even your soul. It’s scary, isn’t it?

Plus, the media in the cyberpunk world exert a powerful influence. They seem to be the only bearers of truth, and their programs broadcast distorted news 24 hours a day, plagiarizing the mind of the listener. I mean, the world of Cyberpunk 2077 seems fascinating, but in many ways it’s terrible. If there is a hell, I think Night City is the closest thing to it.

A dystopia that will come true?

Of course, the future of Cyberpunk 2077 is dystopian. But as I said in the introduction, some events of recent times have made me think about it and draw some parallels. Which ones? Well, there were a lot of them. All these situations were like a wake-up call to me.

First, I think you saw how Twitter banned certain politicians/personalities. You know, I’m not a politician myself and do not take any sides, especially on a video game blog. However, I am a lover of free speech.

I mean, it seemed like real censorship to me. So I ask myself, “Is it possible that politicians, those who should be the representatives of the middle class, are treated as mere puppets by those who control the media and the web?” That scares me a lot.

What about the recent Gamestop case? Sure, maybe what hundreds of users were doing was not a wise move financially. In some ways, it was a risky move but I am sure that as soon as this trend falls everything will return to normal. Don’t forget that with the advent of digital, Gamestop really looks like a company on its way out.

I am not an economist either, however, I did not appreciate the way the Wall Street bosses responded to this event. Blocked transactions, closed accounts, the Robinhood brokers forcing users not to buy. In short, I think this situation has shown the world how the “toy” of the world economy is in the hands of a few people. We mere mortals could never be part of it. Just as in the future Cyberpunk 2077, the masses just need to be controlled, without them thinking.

Media and fake news: a river that never stops

I want to invite you to think about something else, too. As mentioned earlier, the media in the future Cyberpunk 2077 is controlled by corporations. These societies that should inform the population often release false or piloted information to change common thinking.

Well, what an absurd coincidence! I don’t know if you noticed, but we are living in the era of fake news and misinformation. Knowing the truth is almost impossible. Some media take sides openly, they are not objective. Besides, it is sometimes incredibly obvious how the media empire exploits the world’s misfortunes.

For example, we are all suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. But do you remember the first few months of the epidemic? Every news report said nothing else. The media, obviously driven by success and by those who wanted to talk about it, have psychologically bombed the masses. Terror has spread over the COVID-19 and more and more people have begun to develop psychological problems.

Believe me, during this time I asked myself: Hey, but ISIS? Melting glaciers? World hunger? All gone. Well, what I’m going to say is follow the white rabbit and maybe you’ll come out of a dystopian future.

Cyberpunk 2077 future: can we get out of this?

Now bourgeois, rise and overthrow this corrupt and evil sys…no, I do not want to be revolutionary. Seriously, I’m not interested in making political speeches or trying to be anti-conformist.

With this article, I just wanted to express some thoughts and maybe make you think. Not surprisingly, I would like to confront you. I mean, what do you think of what’s been going on lately? Is our freedom being increasingly undermined by corporations and societies that hinder our way of life?

Remember, on Indiegala you can always express your opinion. We are for free speech. You can also touch on thorny topics such as BLM or the exasperation of Political Correctness.

Finally, in my opinion, there is no safe solution that can prevent the Cyberpunk 2077 future. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but all the clues seem to indicate that we’re on that path. However, I am sure that if we all start thinking with our minds, avoiding being conditioned by media, influencers, social, and even political, our lives can be slightly better.

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