Players versus Developers: Stayin' Alive until game over

Since Super Mario Bros., games have stressed the importance of survival. The 1UP mushroom is iconic in gaming culture, symbolic of the ability to continue living — even after you’ve died. This is cool. But it’s precisely this common tendency that inspired the team at IndieGala to come up with a game designed to aim for the exact opposite.

That said, we’d like you to join us in welcoming our latest game to early access on Steam.

Stayin’ Alive

Screw the euthanasia debate for a minute (we’ll get back to it — promise!) and battle it out with 4v4 multiplayer matches in Stayin’ Alive!

Our latest indie game (available in Early Access) challenges you to compete in a world little known to most gamers: retirement homes!

There are two sides to choose from. You can either join 4 retirees in their quest to reach their “final destination”, or, you can gear up with sedative syringes and help the nursing squad to prevent them from getting there.

While Stayin’ Alive is still in early access, LordMinion777’s gameplay video is a riot and makes us laugh every time!

No senior citizens were harmed in the making of this game…

Stayin’ Alive is already rife with loads of satirical, dark humor and entertaining gameplay. Still, it’s currently an early access title. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve before it’s released fully.

If you’d like to support our latest indie project and also jump into a game with us, your friends, and/or other players around the world, you can pick up Stayin’ Alive now at the special launch price of 20% off!

What side are you on?

So, back to that debate we promised: What side are you on? Do you sympathize with the old timers who feel they’re chained to a life of misery? Or are you a die-hard supporter of the nurses who believe that life must be maintained in whatever quality, at all costs? If you don’t want to share your opinion publicly you can always let us know in the anonymity of an online game 🙂

Give us feedback about the game and join the discussions on our community hub!

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