We’ve done some foolishly crazy deals this April! First of all, our Razer zGold Anniversary Bazaar has been raging with an extra 10% off for Razer zGold purchases. We’ve also been giving away a copy of Downward. Furthermore we launched a Paradox Interactive Sale yesterday (with a Crackerjack!) and our 2K Easter Sale ends in a few hours! You probably couldn’t get in on all these deals and some of them end soon. We’ve therefore concluded to round up the month with some top-notch Steam game giveaways!

What are “red” Steam game giveaways?

“Red” Steam game giveaways just refer to the guaranteed freebies that we host on IndieGala. We create these Steam game giveaways ourselves and participation is free! Knowing how to buy PC games online cheap is good. Getting them free, however, is divine. So, here are the 4 “red” Steam game giveaways you absolutely shouldn’t miss this week.

(1) Mafia III

Mafia III - Steam Game Giveaways

The Mafia series’ third installment takes you to the 1968 city of New Bordeaux (a fictional recreation of New Orleans). Most critics can agree that the storyline is deeply satisfying. We’d say that you should definitely battle through Lincoln Clay’s (the game’s protagonist) quest for revenge. Plus, you can explore a huge open world (and that’s always a winner) in the genre’s classic run-and-gun style. Besides, if you weren’t been able to pick up Mafia III in our 2K Easter Sale, no harm in trying for a freebie.

(2) Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Complete

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Complete - Steam Game Giveaways

Steam stats don’t lie. They’re especially relevant when they say “Overwhelmingly Positive”. Almost 77 thousand Steam users (at the time of this writing) vouch for the grandeur of Sid Meier’s Civilization V (which has gone for 75% off in our 2K Easter Sale). As a result, it has over 20 thousand Steam players online right now! Need we say more to the turn-based strategy/4X aficionado? Most noteworthy: the complete edition that we’re giving away here comes packed with 2 installments and 14 DLCs! Don’t miss it!

(3) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Steam Game Giveaways

Shootin’, lootin’ and moon-hoppin’. Because what could you possibly crave more from a Borderlands title? While the first, second and pre-sequel have all run in our 2K Easter Sale (at up to 80% off), we’re throwing in the pre-sequel in this week’s Steam game giveaways.

(4) For The King

For The King - Steam Game Giveaways

While it probably seems like we can’t get enough of 2K Games (OK — we can’t!), we’ve also got to make a sacrifice For The King! The brand new roguelike tabletop adventure left Steam Early Access less than a week ago. For The King is filled with hours of RPG gameplay and all lovers of the genre will find a lot to enjoy here. It would simply be treason to not throw some GalaSilver at this giveaway.

How To Participate in Steam Game Giveaways

Taking part in our giveaways is a piece of cake (a rather tasty piece of cake). All you need to do is create and IndieGala account (if you don’t have one already) and connect it to your Steam account. IndieGala accounts accrue 10 GalaSilver every hour (240 per day maximum) which is enough to participate in a good number of Steam game giveaways. You can learn more about this here. In conclusions, we wish you fortune in the Steam game giveaways to come! And oh! In addition, if you want to learn more about how to get either cheap or free PC games, check this out.

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