Wake Up Review

Wake Up is a very thoughtful game. It is an indie title published by Philosophic Games (which does live up to its name). I’ve been wanting to relax lately, so I tried this game.

I must admit that it was a wise choice. Well, more or less. Why? Let’s find out together, in my review of Wake Up!

What kind of game is it?

Wake Up game

First, let’s find out what kind of game is Wake Up. It’s a bit difficult to define the genre of this title. Do you want to know why? Well, let’s take a look at the trailer, you’ll get an idea.

As you can see, the game seems to be a surreal, dreamlike, and ethereal experience. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

Regardless, Wake Up is a single-player adventure that will drag you into illusory and strange environments. It is a very balmy game, almost relaxing, but also disturbing. The slow progress of the protagonist will make you question what happens inside a person’s mind when he sleeps.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent comfort of the game. The horrors that can lurk behind the mind can be terrifying. In the quieter moments, fear can take over and subvert the situation.

Moreover, there will be several puzzles. They are nothing too difficult, but these enigmas will make you turn your brain on. From different points of view, this game reminded me of Through The Woods.

I mean, if you’re looking for an action game and a shooter, well, you won’t be satisfied. However, if you love games that involve you totally, you have to try this title.

A plot inspired by great classics


Explaining the plot of this game can be very difficult. Indeed, the story that accompanies you in your journey is cryptic. There are only a few hints that can make you guess the main plot.

So as not to ruin your experience, I don’t want to anticipate anything about the story. You have to play this game without any knowledge, trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Regardless, what I can do is quote some inspiration for the game. The developers of the title were inspired by some great classics from the world of video games and cinema.

For example, a great source of inspiration for the game was director David Lynch. The visionary genius has always had a surreal aura in his work. Lynch is the mastermind behind the TV series Twin Peaks and the movie Mulholland Drive. I think that the latter was a pivotal point for the development of Wake Up. Here’s a scene from the movie I remembered after playing Wake Up.

Every time this jumpscare disturbs me deeply. I think it has the same effect on you. Well, that’s what you can expect playing Wake Up.

Another important inspiration is the video game Silent Hill. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this title. If you never did, well, it’s time to play it. If you want to learn more, you can also read my colleague’s article.

It is one of the greatest horror titles ever, unique thanks to a spooky and disturbing atmosphere. You will find the same atmosphere in Wake Up, so if you loved the game Konami, you have to try this indie game too.

Wake Up: let yourself be captured by its oneiric graphics

Wake Up graphics

The graphics of this game fit perfectly with its atmosphere. The development team thought of creating environments with a minimal style, but incredibly perturbing.

While exploring the various levels, you will notice the constant presence of dim and dark lights that create hypnotic games of color. The game just like Bloodstained focuses on graphics as an element that strengthens its atmosphere.

Besides, the game has a pixelated and dark style. You know what they say, Less is More. So I want to applaud the team of developers, which despite the obvious reduced means, has worked hard to achieve a final project well done. Congratulations!

Wake Up asks philosophical questions

As I said at the beginning, Wake Up is a thoughtful game. It makes the player reflect and invites him to ask different things about the dream world.

For example, as you follow the game’s main story, you may wonder: Why do we dream? What is the meaning of our dreams? How do we know if we’re dreaming or not?

Yes, Inception-esque questions. However, it is fascinating to see how a single game can make you think about such disparate topics. For this reason, I do not deny that I appreciate titles like Wake Up or Get Even compared to triple-A games based on multiplayer.

Why? Because they wake up (heh!) the user’s mind. I think video games are an art form. Every art must instill thoughts and feelings in the observer. Wake Up succeeds in this goal: here is another reason why you should try it!

How can you try Wake Up?

Now you know what are the main features of this game. However, maybe you wonder how you can try it.

Well, you can do it thanks to your Indiegala friends! In our Showcase section, we have a page entirely dedicated to Wake Up. Here you will find the game, some pictures about it, and also some comments from users who have tried it.

Speaking of comments, if you’ve already tried the game, let me know your opinion about it. Alternatively, you can express your thoughts about this title after you have tried it. In any case, feel free to talk about it and confront the Indiegala community.

Are you ready to dive into the world of dreams? Stay alert and maybe you can make surprising discoveries with Wake Up!

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