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starting from this week we will give you regular updates on the Vorax development every Friday.

Below are our most recent YouTube videos that will give you an idea of where Vorax is in development.

Video 1: Ambush

Vorax is for the most part an open world game where you’ve got miles and miles to freely explore to your heart’s content. However there are also some more tightly closed spaces, claustrophobic even, like tunnels, sewers and caves. There the mutation has peculiar aspects depending on the environment.

Certain kind of monsters are adapting to certain type of conditions, such as light or air, therefore some types of mutations will be specific to closed and dark spaces.

Video 2: Defending The House

The majority of the enemies, especially the toughest are photosensitive. You must balance your physical safety and your mental sanity carefully. Finding a shelter, an appropriate location where you can hide and barricade yourself will protect you, but staying too much into the darkness will slowly chip away at your sanity. Turning on the light might offer some mental comfort, however that will also, potentially, attract unwelcomed guests.

In fact, at night the hostile creatures, mostly photosensitive, come out to hunt. So you need to exercise extreme caution when moving around. We have planned several buildings that can be cleared, reinforced and made into a relatively safe haven for the night. But if these safety operations are not carried out, they can be attacked by creatures.

Video 3: Tunnel

The virus contaminates the whole island, resulting in various forms of aberrations, from small to big… to massive.
What delves deep in the dark tunnels is just one of those aberrations. Dealing with it might make both your heart and the ground beneath you tremble.

Our Vision.

We have been trying for months to work on a large game area (in the alpha indiegala for now only 15% of the island is explorable) where we want to give the feeling of a whole environment, flora, fauna, human beings… every cell contaminated by the virus.

Because the pathogen does not affect humans exclusively, other ‘entities’ might be infected by the virus and the resulting mutations can be abnormal.

We also focused heavily on combat system, an aspect that had left us unsatisfied in our previous title, Die Young.
The team has placed a big emphasis on ranged weapons and firearms, which is why managing the limited ammunition available will be important to survive. But we haven’t neglected hand-to-hand combat either. In the coming weeks we will see the use of different work tools that can turn into lethal weapons.

Compared to Die Young we think we’ve definitely improved the survival side. You will be able to craft almost anything you can find in the game and also you will be able to build a large variety of structures in order to have the most personalized gaming experience possible.

Let’s keep in touch next friday.

Keep an eye on ig for updates, especially next week. On the Black Friday weekend you will be able to try out the UPDATED ALPHA build. Once more, for a limited time only.

Next weekend, in fact, we will update with the latest features and fixes we’ve been working so hard in those months.

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