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Hello guys! Well, it’s that time of year! That’s right, we’ve arrived at Halloween and it’s time to try horror games. Maybe you want some suggestions to spend a monstrous and unforgettable day. Yes, I know the title was eye-catching, but these are just our personal recommendations, nobody is truly forced to try these games (unless you’re playing the Squid Game, then you kind of are). Last year, I talked about some Halloween Games. Now, I want to give you more advice, so maybe you can add more horror games to your digital library. Well, I have chosen the best games that will give you the shivers.

Do you dare to try them all? Prove that you are brave and then comment on the post to choose your favorite!

The best horror games for Halloween: the criteria of the list

First, let me explain what criteria I chose the games on this list with. I didn’t just dwell on jumpscares and scary monsters in video games. Besides, I wanted to insert games that create an atmosphere of terror and become more and more shocking.

I mean, I wanted to consider the games that give you trauma and nightmares. Yes, in my opinion, psychological horror is the greatest form of fear in video games. I’ve pointed that out in some of my past reviews, like the one about Little Hope.

Regardless, now it’s time to talk about video games on this list. Are you ready? Don’t chicken out and discover with me the best horror games to try!

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation: best horror games

Alien Isolation is a game too underrated. Believe me, this video game scared me a lot. If you play, you will feel anxiety, I do not recommend it for those suffering from panic attacks.

In the game, you will play Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, the historical protagonist of the Alien saga. You have to explore the Sevastopol, a semi-abandoned space station, infested with a ravenous and invincible xenomorph.

The xenomorph has autonomous artificial intelligence. This means that it will not follow default patterns, but it can surprise you around every corner. Besides, this game is first-person, so get ready for some jump scares that will take your breath away.

In my opinion, Alien Isolation is among the best horror games ever, it is worth buying it and playing it on Halloween. Here is its trailer.

Forgive Me Father

Forgive me father

I’m a big fan of Lovecraft-themed games. Plus, I think the style of this author, the cosmic horror, is terrifying. Forgive Me Father is an FPS that sometimes reminds me of the first chapters of Doom. The protagonist will make a journey visiting mysterious places, eliminating on his path cultists and horrible monsters.

The graphic style of the game is special. The animations have a retro comic style. They make the game actions hectic and unique. The gameplay is very extensive, during your adventure you can use different weapons to kill enemies.

Forgive Me Father is an indie pearl with a dark atmosphere that will fascinate you from the first moment. On Steam, the reviews of this game are positive. Try this title now and fight creatures from another world!

Resident Evil VIII

Resident Evil Pre-order Crypto Sale 2021

I have already written about Resident Evil VIII. I consider it one of the best games in the saga. It can convey a feeling of anguish and sadness during gameplay.

Of course, some have dampened the fear of the characters in the game because of Lady Dimitrescu. However, this title made by Capcom manages to give pure moments of horror. Just by watching the trailer, you will have a feeling of discomfort.

Do you want to experience a macabre atmosphere and a plot full of twists? Well, buy the game and you will not regret it!

Best Halloween Horror Games: Dying Light

Dying Light

Dying Light is a game that mixes horror and action elements. You aim to foil the end of the world. You will have to survive in a world full of zombies ready to eat you. Well, sometimes they will be zombie soldiers, they will give you a hard time.

Also, when I tried it, I loved the stages dedicated to parkour. That’s right, to get around in this game, you’ll have to climb buildings and structures, just like Assassin’s Creed. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just an action game. Some situations will scare you to death, as I said in the game review.

In December 2021, Techland should release a sequel to this game, one of the most anticipated titles for PC. I don’t want to tell you anything else, try now Dying Light or take a look at the trailer.

Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls is a tribute to the great horror classics such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill. In this video game produced by PQube Limited, you will follow the adventures of Caroline.

In the game, you will be in the shoes of this girl, you will wake up in an abandoned mansion transformed into a hospital. You’ll have to find out who’s behind the horrors of the grand mansion, facing monsters, and scary creatures.

Besides, you will have to solve different puzzles and cross interdimensional portals that will make you explore alternative realities. This game is a gem for horror lovers. Take advantage of the special price now, you have to try it at Halloween time.

Underworld Ascendant

Do you want to go on holiday on Halloween? Well, how about a vacation straight to Hell? With Underworld Ascendant you will explore the hades and fight against demons to save your soul.

You will become The Ascendant, a supreme being able to dominate The Stygian Abyss. If you develop the necessary strength, you will become the master of this kingdom, saving it from a powerful and dark enemy. The gameplay is very extensive because you will develop a unique game style during your adventure. You can mix stealth combat, magic spells, and deadly weapons.

In addition to the main story, there are about 70 side quests that will ensure you several hours of gameplay. In short, this game is the ideal choice if you want to make a long marathon of video games on Halloween night!

Best Horror Games: The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

Do you want to try to immerse yourself in a dangerous thrill, full of monsters and psychological traumas? You have to try The Evil Within 2. This game has features worthy of a triple-A title. The graphics are excellent, with realistic animations and phenomenal details.

As I said in the full review of the game published by Bethesda, the plot is very intricate and will leave you speechless. Moreover, the story will evolve depending on the choices you make with your gameplay.

If you haven’t tried The Evil Within 2 yet, what are you waiting for? It is one of the best horror games of recent times, as you can see from its trailer.

White Day: A Labyrinth named school

Maybe you’ve never heard of this game. Well, trust me, it’s better that way. This title is creepy. Watch the trailer and judge yourself.

Oh, are you still here? Aren’t you scared to death? Good for you, because you’ll have a chance to experience this nightmare. I’m just telling you, White Day is a great Korean horror classic. Lately, the whole world has seen the psychological horrors that Koreans can create if you know what I mean.

So if you’re brave, buy this game and let me know if you can close your eyes when you’re alone at night.

Horror Games: What are your choices for Halloween?

It is a scary list, isn’t it? Let me know if you found any suggestions helpful! Plus, if you have any advice, feel free to share it with our community.

Halloween is near and thanks to these games, it will be darker than ever!

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