Resident Evil Village

Our Resident Evil Village review is finally here! Now everyone has their eyes set on this game. Some had the pleasure of trying it out while others have seen it on platforms like Twitch or Youtube.

Well, it was one of the most anticipated games of 2021, right? Let’s explore the features of this game together. We will consider the positive and negative aspects of the title, of course avoiding any spoiler!

Resident Evil Village review: a different plot for this chapter

Lady Dimitrescu and Resident Evil Village review

Let’s start with the plot of the game. When we talk about Resident Evil, we are used to the same story. The characters change, but the events are always the same. This time, Capcom decided to shuffle the cards. Indeed, RE: Village has its roots in the folklore of Eastern Europe. You won’t have to prepare to face the classic zombies, but much scarier creatures.

However, it is better to clarify. The protagonist is Ethan Winters, a historical character of the saga at this point, who after a thousand mishaps finds himself with the family in Romania. One night, Chris Redfield and a group of soldiers kidnap him. Ethan will wake up in an European village, confused and witness to harsh events.

It’s up to you to put yourself in Ethan’s shoes and try to reconstruct what happened in this village. You’re going on a scary journey, but remember, the truth may be different than what you expect!

Memorable characters you will hardly forget

Characters Resident Evil Village

The characterization of enemies is a positive aspect of the Resident Evil Village story. Trust me, there are some characters you will hardly forget. Just think of Lady Dimitrescu, who has become an idol among gamers.

During your journey, you will get to know other scary figures. You’ll meet Donna Beneviento, a ghost woman, Salvatore Moreau a grotesque character, and Karl Heisenberg, a mutant with kinetic powers. Each character has a well-kept design with unique aspects, you can expect epic fights. Besides, I enjoyed how each character embodies a nuance of the horror genre. With this game, Capcom wanted to address the different aspects of fear, proposing them to the player gradually.

Also, I want to mention the character called Mother Miranda. This figure will be shrouded in mystery for much of the game and will appear to be a goddess worshipped by the villagers. You’ll be amazed when you find out the truth and face the horror that surrounds Mother Miranda!

Ultimately, Capcom has taken great care of these characters and that makes the narrative aspect extremely interesting.

A dark and engaging atmosphere

Dark atmosphere Resident Evil Village Review

In this review of Resident Evil Village, I want to give much emphasis to this factor. I loved the dark setting of the game. Not surprisingly, I am a fan of the dark and gothic atmospheres, just like I said in my Bloodstained review.

The settings of the game make it special. There are many areas full of graphic details that will increase the tension. Believe me, some areas are not recommended for those who fear jump scares. Plus, among the different playable areas, I enjoyed the Dimitrescu Castle. It reminded me of the atmospheres of Dracula movies.

Among the most captivating areas, there is also the forest that surrounds the village. The fog that stretches through the bare trees will give you a feeling of anxiety and disquietude, just like in Through The Woods.

If you want my advice, stay alert while you play Resident Evil VIII. As you progress through the gameplay, you will realize that nothing is repetitive, rather you will always have the uncertainty of the unknown in front of you.

In a nutshell, scary and attractive (yes, just like Lady Dimitrescu).

Not everything is perfect: puzzles and action

As I said before, Resident Evil Village is an ambitious chapter of the historical horror saga. In recent times, with remakes of RE: 2 and RE 3, Capcom had bet on the nostalgia effect. These chapters focus on less frenetic gameplay, slow actions, and solving puzzles.

Village takes a different direction. From the early stages, you will notice how this game bets on the hectic action. Sometimes, it looks like you’re playing a genuine FPS. You’ll have to shoot your enemies with a shotgun and make your way, stepping on their corpses. I mean, I’m not hiding the fact that I felt like I was playing a “light” version of Doom.

Let’s get one thing clear, I don’t think this is a flaw. However, older fans of the saga may be disappointed by this choice. I repeat, sometimes it may seem a game slightly far from the classic masterpieces of the franchise made by Capcom.

Besides, you have to consider the lack of compelling puzzles. Puzzles have always been a focal point of the saga. In RE: Village, there are very few puzzles and, well, they are easy. I mean, it’s all too simple. I don’t know, that bothered me. Capcom decided to focus on a wide target of gamers, realizing what can be called a casual horror game. Sure, that’s my thought, but if you’re a fan of the saga, maybe you’ll agree with me.

Resident Evil Village review: too much linearity

This is another aspect I did not like. The game does not offer a complete exploration. During the gameplay, you will have the feeling of following a predetermined path, which must continue in a certain way.

Of course, other FPS games also have this problem, like Bioshock: Infinite, but the situation here is different. Once again, I repeat that a Resident Evil Saga game should always offer a broad exploration experience to the player.

I think this comes from the simplicity of the game I mentioned earlier. Capcom chose not to give the player many options, but to make him enjoy the main quest without distracting him. It results in a total immersion in the main plot, but also a lack of additional elements that would have made the game even more epic.

Resident Evil Village: try it and give us your opinion

We have come to the end of my review of Resident Evil Village. So, what to say? This chapter gives new life to the saga, taking some horror elements and mixing them in action style. Among the positive aspects is the characterization of enemies, dark atmospheres, and a fascinating plot. However, the game could offer more exploration and could be more difficult.

That was my review, but now it’s your turn! What do you think of Village? Express your opinion with a comment and discuss with the Indiegala Community.

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The village awaits you, will you be able to resist the temptation of evil and discover the truth?

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