Ancestors Legacy Game

Medieval Europe never looked scarier. Well that’s all thanks to the Ancestors Legacy game. A history inspired game with plenty of battles, armies and Medieval bloodshed. Yee, that’s Medieval Europe all right. And it’s fun as much as it’s historically challenging.

The 101 Of Ancestors Legacy Game

It’s developed by Destructive Creations and published by 1C Online Games Ltd. The Ancestors Legacy game is a real-time strategy game. And a fun one of that. It basically allows you to take command of your own army. As you storm through medieval Europe and conquer your enemies in an extensive series of campaigns. Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German, Slavs are available nations to choose from in the game. And aside from conquering the opponents, you get to raid and pillage enemy camps. Not to mention defeat and take-over entire villages and towns. And of course, at the same time, this is a historically accurate real-time strategy game. With plenty of influence from Medieval historical events.

Is It A Great Game?

Indeed, it is. The ancestor Legacy game is a fascinating piece of entertainment for every history aficionado. However, the immersion in the game is all that more beautiful. Thanks to the fantastic cinematic action camera. Which ultimately puts you in the middle of all the action, so you don’t miss a thing. Zoom in on your men and enjoy. However, is it 100% accurate? No, it’s not. But for what it is, it’s a masterfully done game. With an intriguing story, fun gameplay and fantastic visuals. You’re in for fantastic historical battles. Not to mention, lots of action in them and long campaigns to keep you occupied.

Ancestors Legacy Game

But it’s also a great strategy game, and it’s that strategy that will hook you from minute one. And if you’ve played similar RTS (for instance Men of War), you’ll probably enjoy Ancestor Legacy game as well. But the thing is, each of the four available factions has its own identity, history and playstyle. Which admittedly makes things all the more interesting. Oh, and the retreat mechanic and morale mechanic. Just to keeps the game all the more interesting and engaging.

Ancestors Legacy game is available for purchase at IndieGala. Hurry up.

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