The Summer Scratchy Sale's Monday Motivation Bundle

The Summer Scratchy Sale is officially live. Ready for perhaps the hottest season yet this year? Good, because we want to make sure that you don’t miss the very best of our offers.

Jumpstart the Summer Scratchy Sale with a GIANT Bundle

Summer Scratchy Sale's Monday Motivation Bundle

Even if you missed the early bird price on our Monday Motivation Bundle, you can still grab 12 Steam games really cheap. It’s not just a giant bundle because it packs a dozen PC games really cheap. One of those is the smashing indie Goliath. The unique action-RPG survival game normally lists at $12. You can pick it up now with 11 other Steam titles for little more than $3. But there’s even more!

An especially hot Summer Scratchy Sale for Razer zGold users

Summer Scratchy Sale's zGold Promo

The Summer Scratchy Sale is red-hot for Razer zGold users. You can enjoy an extra 15% off on your selected store deals. To be honest, that’s just insane. Especially when you can already find crazy BANDAI NAMCO deals, a Total War franchise promo, Team 17’s classic PC games collection, and it’s only day 1. Plus, there are really sweet Steam games in that lineup already.

Giveaways Galore during the Summer Scratchy Sale

Summer Scratchy Sale Giveaways

At some point, pockets always run dry. That’s why you should absolutely stay glued to our Giveaways section this summer. We’re going to be adding new titles every day and they’re going to be lit. It’s tickets open on Dying Light right now. And remember, there’ve been 8 new updates only this year. You may also just be tempted to jump in and get Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition at 67% off.

There are 8 other IndieGala giveaways live now so go make that GalaSilver useful.

Something for everybody in the Summer Scratchy Sale

If you’re a VR gamer and you’re grumbling, you probably haven’t seen our Virtual Reality XXVI Bundle.

Virtual Reality XXVI Bundle

10 VR Steam games at only $3.99 — that’s 94% off. Grab it now and you slip into the rabbit hole for the rest of the season!

And maybe you’re a more casual gamer with a (candy) eye for anime graphic novels. So pick up the Anime Rhapsody Bundle (it’s on Happy Hour at the time of this writing).

Anime Rhapsody Bundle

11 Steam titles full of beautiful characters, unforgettable, romantic (also funny) stories, and games dressed up for the season! Don’t leave ’em hangin’ 😉

Without further ado, go to the portal where PC gamers get cheap deals & freebies!

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