Anime Rhapsody Bundle

You can now pay with Alipay & WeChat Pay on IndieGala

It’s a happy day for gamers in Asia and we’re just as delighted. We’ve finally added Alipay and WeChat Pay as payment options on IndieGala! This makes it a lot easier for our customers in places like China to buy from us!

Alipay - WeChat Pay

Alipay and WeChat Pay join a bunch of other payment options on IndieGala. We accept PayPal, bitcoin (and other cryptos), Razer zGold (we’ve got special deals right now) and of course American Express, Visa, and Mastercard to name a few.

Now that I can pay, what do I play?

The incredible deals that you’ve been glimpsing on the web are now open to you! It also happens to be the hottest season of the year! For the moment, we can only accept these new payment options for our bundles. But hey, that’s where all the action is! In any case, by next week you’ll be able to use Alipay and WeChat Pay storewide!

You should really just dive in head first and check out ALL our bundles (and our store deals). If you’re a little light in the pocket you can browse our AuctionsTrades and Giveaways sections. But if you’re ready for action, we’ve got you covered.

Anime Rhapsody Bundle

Anime Rhapsody Bundle

Get 11 Steam titles full of beautiful characters, unforgettable, romantic (also funny) stories, and games that’ll take you to the beach! The Anime Rhapsody Bundle should be the first stop this season! Don’t leave it hangin’ 😉

Virtual Reality XXVI Bundle

Virtual Reality XXVI Bundle

All of you elite VR gamers out there are now have full access to our VR-only bundles. You might have missed 25 of them but the Virtual Reality XXVI Bundle makes up for it. It’s fresh on the shelves (meaning you can get the early bird price) and packed with experiences. What are you waiting for Alice? The rabbit-hole is all yours!

Friday Special Bundle #68

Friday Special Bundle

And TGIF, right? Grab the 68th edition of the Friday Special Bundle. This bundle is the entire reason why they invented weekends! Grab an indielicious variety of 11 PC games and press play on endless hours of fun.

There are 4 other bundles and lots more fantastic but cheap PC games on our store. We’re happy to welcome all the new users who may join us through Alipay and WeChat Pay and we can’t wait to catch you in our forums!

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