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Stealth is one of my favorite genres. I already talked about it when I wrote the review of Metal Gear Solid V. For this reason, I decided to download and try Safe Not Safe, defined by many as the stealth game of the future. Well, I wondered, but what does it mean? After playing for several hours, I got it.

Are you ready to find out what Safe Not Safe is about? You may try it yourself for FREE in our showcase…or you may keep reading my review. Either way, you won’t regret it!

Safe Not Safe: the future is closer than it seems

Safe not Safe it's an innovative game

Safe Not Safe mixes different genres. What does it mean? Sure, the game is pure stealth. I mean, if you want to fully appreciate the game, you have to try to overcome all levels without alarming the enemies. Doing this will require commitment, but believe me, just like in Dishonored, it is worth trying to finish your adventure without being discovered. I think it’s a kind of personal satisfaction, every gamer should try it at least once in a lifetime!

Anyway, Safe Not Safe picks up those that are elements of other genres.

There are several examples that I can give you to help you understand the point. You should know that Safe Not Safe is not a linear game. That’s right, it’s a roguelike. You will face a hostile and completely new environment every time you start a game. There are no pre-set levels, baby, everything is generated procedurally. From this point of view, this title developed by Bigger Scope reminded me of Fallback, a roguelike that I appreciated.

Yes, it’s still a stealth game

However, this game can also be considered an action-RPG. As you advance in the game, you unlock new skills. You can become more skilled in stealth, hacking, or combat.

You can choose with total freedom the gameplay of the game: the goal is to overcome the different areas with any means available. Remember, everything else doesn’t matter!

Know your enemy, because he, ahem, it, knows you!

The enemy knows you in Safe not Safe

Safe Not Safe amazes the player for one aspect: its difficulty. Your game enemy will be an AI who will do anything not to be destroyed. The latter will create the futuristic areas you’ll have to face to survive.

As I told you earlier, the areas will be procedurally generated. Here’s the beauty. The game will create different levels that will adapt to your style of play, making the continuation more and more complicated.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you enjoy hacking skills. With your powers as a hacker, you can pass several levels without problems. At that point, the game will change completely. The AI will take you through levels where the elements that can be hacked will be minimized. At the same time, enemies will be increased. Stealth will be the only viable option. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

In fact, as a video game enthusiast, I found this aspect revolutionary. In short, in this way, the game itself pushes you to try different approaches every time. Plus, you can play a title that will never be taken for granted or trivial. You will need to concentrate on overcoming certain areas, and you will have to figure out an innovative strategy each time.

This increases the difficulty and makes Safe Not Safe a challenging game. You know, I adore this type of game, I could do nothing but madly adore this title! I can’t help but recommend it to anyone who loves challenges!

A high technical level

High technical level

I don’t want to be misunderstood, this is not a complete game. It is a developing title, not a finished one. For now, you can play the Alpha version.

Regardless, the game surprised me positively for its technical level. Sure, there are some rough aspects graphically. Besides, some of the main character’s aesthetic features seemed imprecise to me.

Moreover, the graphics of the game are really enjoyable. The futuristic and almost cyberpunk atmosphere is engaging and exciting. If you love science fiction, you will be immediately impressed by the setting of the video game. I also liked the music. It can put you in the right mood to face the different enemies that will be on your path.

Once again, I have to appreciate the work of the developers. I could see how they did their job with passion and commitment, something that sometimes, alas, teams that develop triple-A games miss.

Safe Not Safe: a bright future for gamers?

From my point of view, the answer is yes. This stealth title has innovative and revolutionary features. Despite some technical limitations, the game is fascinating and manages to have fun without being trivial.

However, in my opinion, the key factor behind the beauty of the game is the passion of its developers. I want to be clear, if in the future there will be games made by developers capable, passionate, and happy to work on projects in which they believe, then the entire gaming world will benefit.

I dare not imagine what it will be like in the future once it is complete! If you want to take a look, here is its trailer.

You wanted to try it, didn’t you? Well, you can find it here and download it! Remember, the game is still in development you may try it for free, you only have to register to Indiegala to get it.

If you want to share your thoughts on this title and the future of the gaming world, well, feel free to do it! I’ll be the first to respond to your comments, maybe suggesting indie games similar to Safe Not Safe!

Don’t forget you may support the developer by wishlisting the game on Steam and providing feedback.

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