So we just got word from PUBG Corp. that ticket sales for the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 have begun! But some of you (even PUBG players, we bet) have probably got plenty of questions!

What is the PUBG Global Invitational 2018?

PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI 2018) is the first global esports tournament presented by PUBG Corp. 20 top professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teams from around the globe will face off. What for? To stake a claim for a piece of the $2 million USD prize purse. It’s like the thrill of Hunger Games without the melancholy.

“The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 is not simply a tournament that showcases the potential that PUBG esports holds, but a unique opportunity to bring PUBG fans from around the world together to enjoy a truly immersive PUBG experience,” said Changhan Kim, CEO, PUBG Corp. “We look forward to engaging with the fans in Berlin and seeing the intense PUBG action reach a fever pitch like never before.”

pubg global invitational 2018

When, How Much & Where Exactly is the PUBG Global Invitational 2018?

PGI 2018 will take place at Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin from July 25 to July 29. Tickets are in two tiers, Premium and First Class. They are available for purchase now at It’s €65 and €29 per pass respectively. First Class tickets are also available with Duo (2-person pass) and Squad (4-person pass) packages. So, if you’re hoping to attend the event in a group, there’s a deal for you. The Duo package is priced at €58 while the Squad package is offered at a discounted €99.

What goodies can you expect from PUBG Global Invitational 2018?

There’s a special deal for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and exclusive perks for ticket holders! First of all, each ticket includes:

  • 1-day admission to PGI 2018
  • the chance to receive a set of PGI-exclusive in-game cosmetic items

We don’t know for sure what those in-game cosmetic items are. But they’ve got names like Wasteland Collection, consisting of Reaper Mask, Doomsday Hoodie, Survivalist Slacks, and Pan of Judgement. Each of the four PGI-exclusive items will be distributed at the event venue one-a-day per ticket holder. Attendees will need to attend all four days of PGI 2018 to complete the item set. Seems like a pretty nice hook to us!

Premium ticket holders can also enjoy a VIP experience at Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin. This will include upgraded seats, access to the Premium Lounge, exclusive entrance and more.

More information on PGI 2018including ticket sale details, onsite events, and the regional qualifier can be found at the PGI 2018 official website (

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