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By this point in my tenure at Indiegala, alien Invasion is easily my favorite topic to write about. Yup. Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is just the last of the long list of video games that have an alien invasion as the main theme. And to be honest, I love that. Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, and I relish the opportunity to write about it. Besides, it also allows me to divert my topics from the usual zombies, mutated creatures and post-apocalyptic scenarios. Don’t get me wrong. Love me some vicious zombies, but I do love aliens as well. And I believe I mentioned the movie in one of my previous lists, but that was a brief mention. This is what I crave.

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point: A Game For Your Taste Buds?

We hope it is anyway. Released recently, Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is a great strategy game. If you’re fans of X-COM, the developers at Snapshot Games Inc. made sure you’ve got your next alien fix. Through a great strategy RPG game.

The Earth has been overrun in Phoenix Point. A mutating, alien menace threatens the last remnants of mankind. And only the Phoenix Project, can repel the invasion and reverse the inevitable. The Phoenix Project is a secret organization of the best minds and bravest soldiers left on earth, and now you belong in it. You can research and develop new technologies. Also, you can explore a ravaged globe. Even build your bases, manage resources, and dominate the battlefield.

But you won’t be alone in your fight. Factions that help do exist. Such as the corporatist New Jericho. Or the indecisive Synedrion, and the fanatical Disciples of Anu. You can choose to work with factions via Phoenix Point’s diplomacy system. Or you can simply crush all around you with military might. No matter what you choose, it won’t be an easy victory.

Good game, lot of strategic customization options. If you like X-Com, it’s way more complex and a little less fun. Said Peter.mohideen on Steam about the game.

While PCGamesN described the game as “Elegant, atmospheric, and energetic, [Julian] Gollop’s latest remains remarkably hard to put down.” -8/10

Edge Of Tomorrow Is A Great Pick For The Phoenix Point Post

Don’t you agree? Both of these projects involve a vicious and dangerous alien invasion. Both of them are great science fiction projects. And of course, both of them involve humanity’s fight against the foreign oppressor. When searching for the perfect movie to review specifically for this particular post, Edge Of Tomorrow first came to mind. And I think it’s quite fitting don’t you think?

However, before I go on any further with this post, I must also mention that Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is currently on sale hare at IndieGala. Yup. But that sale is not going to last forever. So, hurry up and get it while it’s hot.

Tom And Emily In Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom, Emily And A Bunch Of Aliens

I must admit. I watched Edge Of Tomorrow yet again, as a way of prepping for this post. I’ve seen it at least 5-6 times before (including on premiere night back in 2014), but I can’t get enough of it. It’s sooo good. Directed by Doug Liman, Edge Of Tomorrow is all about U.S. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise).

A sleazy PR major in the US military. Demoted and embarrassed, Cage will soon witness his first combat on the field. But that experience will make him experience death in a Groundhog Day-like fashion. Waking up in the same place that he started it. However, that gift will prove to be an ace in his sleeve, as he finds some new allies that actually believe his time-loop situation. Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) and Dr. Noah Carter (Noah Taylor) a scientist who studies the aliens or mimics as they’re called here.

The Late Bill Paxton in Edge Of Tomorrow

Action And Smart Script

What’s great about Edge Of Tomorrow is how nothing in it is quite new or original. In the basic concept of the plot, I mean. Both the alien invasion, the subsequent resistance from humanity are already seen as the concept. In several other movies. Hey, even the time loops are a cliché. Not to mention the exoskeletons that the soldiers wear.  But the funny thing is, they all work so well here in this movie. Even though they’re an already seen concept. Indeed, even the repeated time-loop scene doesn’t really feel boring and repetitive. And you know why that is? Because of the fine script of course. You can see the progression in the plot, as much as you can see the progression in the characters. Especially in the main character.

war film GIF by Tech Noir

Just think of the growth that Cruise’s character had to endure in this movie. From frightened, sleazy and cowardly character to a courageous, physically bad-ass hero of the day. Not that he didn’t have any help in that department, but still. Growth and progression people! That’s what counts. And speaking of badassery, can we take a moment to appreciate Emily Blunt’s character? AKA the “Angel of Verdun”? Rita is one of the best female character ever written on the silver screen, and you can just go ahead and fall in love with here. From the moment she enters the screen, to her last scene in the movie, Rita is cool, brave and all-around bad-ass.

Phoenix Point

Can We Also Appreciate The Rest Of The Movie?

Let’s face it. Edge Of Tomorrow is not a masterpiece per se, but it’s damn close to masterpiece status. And I for one, I’m excited about the upcoming sequel. But from a technical standpoint, Edge Of Tomorrow excels on several levels. First and foremost there’s the steady camera work from the director Liman.

Well, steadier compared to the work in Bourne Identity for instance. There’s a lot less shaky cam, and plenty of good editing to compensate for the fast-paced action. And speaking of the action, the pairing with a decent set of CGI is really admirable. Especially when you see fast-moving mimics in this movie. But I applaud the cast and crew for not going over the top with any of these things. Yes, this is a science fiction movie, but it could easily have been made into a cheap-looking mess of a science fiction movie. And yes, into a big flop that not even Tom Cruise could salvage.

A Still From Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom Carries The Movie On His Back

Yes, the supporting cast is truly great. Starting with the fearless performance from Emily Blunt. To the hard-ass nail performance from the late Bill Paxton. They’re all incredible for sure, but I loved Emily’s spin on this character. However, the man that stands out yet again is Tom Cruise, and yes. You can expect him to save humanity yet again. What else do you expect from Tom Cruise to be perfectly honest?

That is after he dies repeatedly for an hour or so. But not only have we got to see him in a totally different light than his usual on-screen persona (as a sleazy coward). But at the same time, we’ll also get to witness his progression to a decent human being. And a good soldier I might add. So, yeah it’s remarkable to see it from probably one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood, and a true testament of his talent. Like it or not, he’s got talent underneath all that charisma.

All you need is kill edge of tomorrow emily blunt GIF on GIFER - by Nilari

The Phoenix Point VS Edge Of Tomorrow

I’ve selected Edge Of Tomorrow for The Phoenix Point post. However, there are plenty of other great movies with an alien invasion that are also fabulous. Which movie would you love to see dissected for the next Phoenix Point post? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know.

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