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March and spring are the favorite moments for gamers. Why? Because it’s time for news, Paradox Insider news, to be more exact! This year, unfortunately, due to Covid-19 some events have been canceled, such as the E3 in Los Angeles. Regardless, other events are held online such as the Nintendo Direct or the Paradox Insider. A new Paradox Insider was held on March 13. What were the most exciting announcements? Let’s find out together in this article!

Paradox Insider: is it a striking event?

Some may wonder if this event is thought-provoking. If you ask yourself this question, I’m ready to give you the answer. This software house manages to make interesting titles like Stellaris or Imperator: Rome.

Besides, Paradox also produces captivating and fascinating RPG titles like Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity. I mean, following the main event of this software house is interesting to receive news about new IPs and updates or DLCs.

After this premise, here are the most important announcements of the Paradox Insider in March 2021.

Europa Universalis IV: a new expansion

Europa Universalis 4

A few weeks ago, I told you about Europa Universalis IV. In my review, you can find my opinion about it. Believe me, I consider it one of the best strategy games ever. You can imagine my amazement when I heard the announcement of a new expansion.

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan (this is the name of the new DLC) will bring new mechanics to the game that will influence bureaucracy and diplomatic relations. Also, if you want, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription of $5, so you have access to all the content of the game, both present and future.

Stellaris is unstoppable: Paradox Insider showcases the growth of the game

Stellaris is one of the flagship games of the software house. For this reason, Paradox wants to continue improving this sci-fi video game.

The first novelty is scheduled for March 25. On this date, will be made available the Lithoids Species Pack: Console Edition. However, the most awaited novelty is the Nemesis Expansion. This DLC will be released on April 25 and promises to add exciting content. The latter will conquer old and new players.

What is planned in the Nemesis Expansion? Well, you will have the most powerful tools in the game. Every decision you make will determine the fate of an entire galaxy. You can’t wait to try it, can you?

Surviving Mars is still alive

Surviving Mars Paradox Insider

Surviving Mars is an extremely loved game by gamers. This title manages to drag you with complicated and addictive gameplay. Paradox understood that this game needed lifeblood and met the demands of hundreds of fans.

That’s why the game is back in active development. The direction of the game was entrusted to a new development team, Abstraction Games. Updates are planned for March 15 and new expansions will be announced in the coming months.

Paradox Insider 2021: Crusader Kings III has new expansions

Lovers of Crusader Kings III are you here? Because the most interesting news relates to this title! Paradox announced a new DLC capable of renewing the style of the game.

The content is called Northern Lords Flavor Pack. As you can guess, this DLC will add innovations from the Nordic and Viking styles. In detail, you can get new characters, new missions, and make new decisions. In this pack are also provided new songs, the soundtrack will become even more epic.

When will this expansion be available? Well, you won’t have to wait long, since the pack is scheduled for March 16. I mean, if you don’t have Crusader Kings III yet, this is the perfect time to buy it. If you want to find out more about this game, check out our mini-review.

Paradox: what are the games not to be missed?

After reading all the news about the Paradox Insider, maybe you want to know more about the games released by this publisher. Well, there are several titles you should not miss.

Of course, the games I listed above are worth trying if you love strategy and tactics. I’m talking about Tyranny, Stellaris, Surviving Mars, and Crusader Kings. In addition to being fascinating, these titles will involve you to the maximum. I mean, if you’re feeling demotivated or low because of the pandemic, these video games are gonna get your enthusiasm back, I promise.

I also recommend Shadowrun Returns, a magnificent RPG game. This game mixes sci-fi and fantasy elements and has an astonishing plot. You can buy it here or read my review before you try it.

Finally, I want to recommend Knights of Pen and Paper-II. Maybe you’ve never heard of this game, but trust me, it’s worth a try. It is an RPG with cute graphics. In short, a fun and carefree game.

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Paradox Insider: what’s your opinion?

As always, I want to know your opinion on the Paradox Insider news. Were you expecting something else? Are you satisfied or disappointed with the publisher’s announcements? Feel free to share your thoughts with our community.

Express your opinion and discuss with other users: the spirit of sharing is the keyword here on our blog!

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