Europa Universalis 4

Europa Universalis 4. What else is there to say? When it comes to strategy games, this title published by Paradox Interactive is a masterpiece.

Have you never heard of it? Burn the heretic! Seriously, keep reading the review and you will get an idea of the game. But first, check out its trailer.

Europa Universalis IV, are you ready to develop civilization?

Europa Universalis 4 gameplay

In this game, you will have to choose a nation of the world. You can decide to take a European state, an Arab caliphate, or an Asian nation. Plus, if you want to increase the degree of challenge, you can choose an Indian tribe and conquer American lands.

After deciding which country to start your adventure with, you will have to face a historical period from 1444 until 1821. You must remember that you don’t have to randomly pick the nation to lead. For example, the European nations will undoubtedly be the most technologically advanced. However, the latter will always be at war and you will have to defend your borders.

So, if you want to play satisfactorily at Europa Universalis 4, remember to study all its aspects and do not rush into unwise choices. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the gameplay scope is much wider.

What’s the gameplay about?

Europa Universalis IV strategy

Describing all the gameplay mechanics of this game in one article is nearly impossible. Believe me, you better try the game and find out all its settings by yourself. However, in this review, I want to highlight the factors that have impressed me the most.

The gameplay is complex and immersive. You will have to take care of all aspects of the country you choose. As if that was not enough, you must protect the army, develop scientific technologies, and satisfy the needs of the people. Also, you will need to keep dissidents, your political opponents, and any heretics at bay.

That’s right, don’t underestimate the importance of religion in this game. Your subjects will be deeply influenced by this aspect. If you want to succeed, this is a factor that you need to take into consideration.

I liked how the game leaves you an almost complete freedom of choice. There is never the right option, just like in real life. Every decision you make will have consequences, you’ll have to live with them. So think twice before you take action, just like you would if you were playing Man of Medan.

Is it the best strategy game?

In my opinion, Europa Universalis IV is one of the best strategy games ever made. It stands in my personal top ten, no doubt. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on the game, express your opinion with a comment!

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Want to get a game that will make time fly and suck you into a vicious circle? Well, Europa Universalis 4 is just what you need!

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