Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2 is an exciting and impressive strategic wargame. It is a turn-based strategy game. Some call it the best strategic wargame ever created. Indeed, this title published by Slitherine LTD has many positive aspects.

In this review, we will try to analyze them together. Are you ready to discover this game about World War II? Fine, but let’s see its trailer first!

Panzer Corps 2: it is wartime

Panzer Corps 2 gameplay

Panzer Corps 2 allows the player to dive into the World War II battlefield. The main objective will be to destroy the opposing army, trying to lose as few troops as possible. You’ll have to watch your every move.

Why? Because here you will be like a general ready to win the battle against the enemy. However, remember that each action will correspond to a reaction. You will have limited slots to deploy your troops, and a wrong move will bring your army to ruin.

So, you need to keep a cool head while you figure out when the time is right to strike the final blow. Make the most of your rounds or you will be annihilated by the enemy army and you will lose the war!

The enemy will do anything to thwart you

Enemy AI

The difficulty of the game is one of the things I enjoyed. The enemy AI will do anything to hinder your moves. Don’t expect to win games easily. The enemy army will sometimes make you sweat seven shirts before surrendering. If you underestimate the level of challenge, you may have lost before you even started!

This positive aspect makes the video game competitive and thrilling. You can spend several hours and nothing will be given to you, you will have to win on the battlefield.

Regardless, you won’t have to play to lose. Let me explain, this is not a try & die game like Code Vein or Lords of the Fallen. At the beginning of the single-player, you will play a detailed tutorial on how to deploy troops. Plus, you will learn how to put into practice the tactics of war and defend against enemy attacks.

Besides, the further you advance in the game, the more experienced you become in managing your army. You can become a master of tactics and beat enemies without too much effort.

Different game modes

Panzer Corps 2 game modes

Panzer Corps 2 offers single-player and online multiplayer. You can decide which game mode to choose and always face fearsome opponents.

I suggest you start playing in single-player. In this way, you can become familiar with the title and the tactics of war. After you have spent several hours with this game, you will be able to face other players in multiplayer and challenge the champions of Panzer Corps 2.

Panzer Corps 2: are you ready to control your army?

Are you a leader willing to do anything to win the war? Well, thanks to Panzer Corps 2 you can prove you are!

You can buy this video game at a special price in our store. Also, let me know what you think with a comment. Share your thoughts and together we discuss why Panzer Corps 2 is a game to try.

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