Street Fighter 6 Experience

Hey all. IndieGala is proud to present Street Fighter 6. And My Street Fighter 6 Experience along with it of course. I had to pleasure to check out Capcom’s latest project and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed every minute of it.

My Street Fighter 6 Experience: A Long Time In The Making

But we announced Street Fighter 6 back in February. Yes, we took a closer look at some of the previous SF gems, and you can go ahead and check out that article here. But now that the latest installment is here… We’re also here to give our honest opinion. Or rather I am. And in my Filmaholic Gamer Review, which has become a recurring theme around IndieGala’s blog. Yes, some more experienced gamers might do a better job at this, but being a rookie has its perks.

Like an unbiased and unfiltered pair of eyes that look at the big picture, rather than nitpicking at the tiniest details. Heck, I got into gaming a little later in life, and I’m not doing it as often as I would like. However, when it comes to trying out new and trending games like Street Fighter 6, I’m simply not going to miss out on the given opportunity. 

But first…

My Street Fighter 6 Experience And Some Cool Giveaways

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Street Fighter 6 Experience

My Street Fighter 6 Experience: An Enjoyable Experience?

As a matter of fact, it was. Yes, I really enjoyed Street Fighter 6. I recently had a personal setback and I was having a tough time not thinking about it. Well, SF6 offered a brief and exciting time of not thinking about it, and I kinda liked that. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t struggle (because I did – I always do) but I was happy about that pain and suffering on my PC. Not in my personal life. I also stayed true to my own history and tradition and created a female avatar/character yet again. It’s been a recurring theme for me, and I figured… Hey, why change now? But out of the three different modes, I enjoyed The World Tour mode and the Battle Hub the most.

Both gave me thrills and disappointments but for very different reasons

Let me start with Battle Hub. Look, after excelling in Tekken (you can read all about my Tekken experience here) I thought I can easily muscle my way through another awesome fighting game. Boy, was I wrong about that? Yup, I was unprepared by how badly my ass is going to be kicked by some random dudes/or ladies (who knows?) from other parts of the globe. Japan, Germany, Turkey… The list was endless, and so are my battle wounds. I managed to win a fight or two, but the online matches were tougher than I thought. I suppose kicking my husband’s butt was way easier than kicking some random person in Kuala Lumpur. But hey. There’s a lot to do there. At first, I figured… Go low and slow.

Street Fighter 6 Experience

With the character roster, I mean. And I honored the basics when it came to the classic controls. Why mess with the classics, you know? But over there, Blanka was brutal I must admit. But Yuri, Lilly, Manon, Cammy, and Chun Li were fun, and I took my sweet time with them. I enjoyed the Hub Goods Shop, and heck I even joined the Fighter’s Club. It was my own sense of Fight Club membership. To tell you the truth, it’s the closest I’ll ever get to a Fight Club membership, so when I had the chance here, I took it. Remember, the first rule of fight club? Yeah. I’ll stop now.

Old School Fighting In Fighting Ground

For that good old Street Fighter feeling I dabbled in the Fighting Ground mode as well. Although not as much in the other two I’ll have to be honest. The versus mode seemed old school, but I liked the arcade the most. Hey what can I say? I’m a sucker for the classics.

The World Tour Is Cool!

I’m surprised I left this mode for last, but to tell you the truth… I’m kinda glad that I did. It’s a bitter-sweet mode for me. First and foremost, it’s the mode I spend the most time on. And secondly, I enjoyed the RPG-inspired mode to the fullest. Even when I was having my ass kicked. Hard. Yes, Luke was a great teacher, but this was one of those – fake it till you make it- life lessons. But an open-world-like game.

You know the one where practice makes perfect, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s globetrotting practice. One that starts in Metro City. The newly developed Drive Gauge took some time to get used to, but hey. It’s a nice addition here. Oh, and I appreciated the compliments I got from Luke for my abomination of a character I made one day. Curiosity took me to some weird places one rainy day in June. Photogenic? Oh, Luke… You devil you! But thank you for the compliments.

But yeah. This is the most immersive mode of the entire game. Random people on the street watch the fights, and I can challenge random people on the street to a fight. Another new addition I liked. The pizza delivery guy? Sure. Come here, buddy. Some elderly couple just chilling? Bring it on old man.

All in all, I enjoyed Street Fighter 6. After months of anticipation, it’s finally here, and it’s great. But don’t take my word for it. Get it and try it all by yourself.

That Was My Street Fighter 6 Experience. But What’s Your Take On The Game?

Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know.

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