My Hitman Experience

Wow. It’s finally here! My Hitman Experience is finally here and I’m giddy with excitement about it. Why? Because I’ve written about two of the Hitman adaptations before. Check that article here. And plenty of trained assassins in my articles. But I can’t even remember if I’ve indulged in a stealth game in my usual Filmaholic Gamer Reviews. Games with stealth-like elements? Sure. My AC Odysseys had awesome stealth moments/kills. But I haven’t touched on the Hitman franchise yet. And It was a labor of love let me tell ya. Yup. I enjoyed every moment of it.

My Hitman Experience Was Exciting

Oh so exciting. Because that’s what I become in this game. I was the notorious Agent 47 for a period of a couple of days, and I enjoyed every moment of it. And yeah. Aside from embodying the genetically engineered assassin Agent 47 I also did get to complete several assassinations of selected targets. There are few ways to do them, but it’s the main objective to be as stealthy and unnoticeable as possible. Don’t make a fuss and don’t get caught. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Believe me. I got caught way too many times. More than I care to admit, to be honest. But I’ll get to my own experience in a moment. Let me briefly tell you a word or two about the game itself.

My Hitman Experience Starts At IndieGala

And why wouldn’t it start here? We not only have HITMAN™ – Game of The Year Edition currently on sale here at IndieGala. But we also have plenty more games from the Hitman series for your enjoyment.

Hitman: Blood Money is available for purchase here. And so is Hitman: Contracts here. But don’t let me forget about Hitman: Codename 47 which is available for purchase here. You know what? Just click here and scroll. I’m sure you’ll find the best one for you. I know I did.

And yes. Both my colleagues and I, here at IndieGala already devoted plenty of time and love to the Hitman franchise. However, up until now, I haven’t reviewed any of the games from the Hitman franchise. In my usual Filmaholic Gamer Reviews anyway. And I must say… It’s one hell of a franchise. And while I’m at it… I gotta say. Loved Diana as a character as well. And the voice work in that character is top-notch. I mean that cut scene at the airport with Diana and Agent 47? It’s one of the most awesome cut scenes in the entire game. Beautifully acted and well made in terms of cinematic quality. The rotating camera work blends beautifully with the dialogue between these two. Simple, effective and visually beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful… I remember watching the trailer for the game a few years back. Oh my god. Talk about simple yet effective? Seriously, the trailer alone impressed me (well a lot more than the movie trailers for the Hitman movies anyway). But I’m way ahead of myself. Let me back up a minute.

Cool Missions And One Wacky Clown Suit

First and foremost let me just mention that I didn’t enjoy all of the missions equally. Some were more challenging than others, while on some I got to have plain old fun. However, I must emphasize that after a while I bust out the clown suit. Hey, I got tired of the repetitive nature of the game and I thought… Why not? It was a suggestion from my long-suffering husband and it didn’t disappoint. I mean his regular suit/red tie combo is great… But why not shake things up? When in need of lightening the mood. Go with a clown suit. Works like a charm.

But when it comes to the missions… I did enjoy the Paris mission the most I must admit. And the Sapienza mission is still going strong in the second place. Loved the attention to detail in that mission and it kept me on my toes.  And full disclosure I enjoyed the Marrakesh mission the least.

Always Staying Two Steps Ahead

That’s one of the things that Hitman taught me. How to predict things, and always keep two steps ahead. Laying low and subduing people while being unnoticed is a lot harder than it seems. And trust me I learned that the hard way. I got caught/killed way more times than I like to admit. But I suppose practice does make things *better, and therefore my gameplay got better. Trust me, a couple of training missions at the start did not make me any better

Oh no. At all. But they were a nice introduction of what’s to follow. Like the training wheels when you’re learning to drive that bike. And I liked them as well, but yeah. Being caught time after time made me better. It also made me think differently, use different weapons, tools, poisons and even distractions. You have to have the right disguise here as well. I mean, don’t underestimate hammers and wrenches, but passing as a security guard/cook/waiter/model will get you far my friends.

My Hitman Experience

Loved The Game More Than The Movies

It’s not surprising at all, that I loved the Hitman game more than the two movie adaptations. I feel that I must emphasize that. But I’m glad to have played it nonetheless. It took me to some of the coolest places on Earth. And on some of the most dangerous ones too. But I guess it comes with the territory when you’re a bad-ass assassin. So yeah. My overall experience was a great one. Stay tuned for more here at IndieGala.

My Hitman Experience VS Yours

At the end of this article, I must ask… What’s your experience with Hitman? It doesn’t necessarily have to be with this particular game of the franchise. However, I’d very much love to know your favorite game in the franchise. Let me know in the comment section. I’d love to know all about it.

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