The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a game that you must have in your collection if you love survival horror. On this blog, we have already talked about the first chapter of this series a game that can make your blood run cold.

Is it worth playing the sequel published by Bethesda Softworks? Find out in my review.

The Evil Within 2: an intricate plot to discover

Plot of the game
“Say cheese now!”

The plot of The Evil Within 2 is fascinating and intricate, but not confusing. You will play Sebastian Castellanos, a former detective already protagonist of the first chapter of the series. Sebastian is determined to find out the truth about the evil Mobius organization and the perverse minds that run it.

This man, persecuted by a family drama, will have to make his way in a city called Union, created through the artificial simulation of STEM, a technologically advanced system. In this imaginary and seemingly idyllic place will unleash the most frightening forces of evil. Are you ready to resist insanity and scary embellishments? The mystery awaits you, but you can reveal the truth.

I enjoyed this game because it has a plot that involves you completely, also deals with delicate issues. Not surprisingly, many consider it one of the best games of recent years, from all points of view.

Gameplay that follows your choices

The Evil Within 2 gameplay

This title is a TPS with dark atmospheres. What I liked about the gameplay is the total freedom offered to the player. In The Evil Within 2 you can decide to overcome different areas in stealth mode and avoid contact with enemies. Alternatively, you can also decide to fire your shots on scary monsters, knocking them down one after the other.

Besides, this is not the classic TPS, at The Last of Us. You can customize Sebastian, choosing which skill to upgrade. In this way, the gameplay will become more and more unique and you will live an experience that suits your style of play. In detail, you can choose from five different categories of abilities: health, recovery, stealth, combat, and athleticism. There are not many games that allow you to do this, but believe me, this is a special title.

A world full of side quests

Different quests

This survival horror gives you several hours of play. In your adventure, you don’t necessarily have to follow the main plot. You can choose to complete secondary quests and fetch quests.

Well, it’s a pleasant addition, perhaps the one that can be defined as the icing on the cake to a complete game. Finally, I want to say a few words about the graphics of the game. The animations and characters reminded me of those of Control, believe me, the graphic style is similar. In a nutshell, the graphics are clear and realistic: simply perfect!

The Evil Within 2 PC: add it to your collection now

As a gamer, I suggest you give this game a chance because you will hardly forget it.

You can find it in our store at a special price, take advantage now and immerse yourself in a fight against evil!

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