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Control for PC is the latest game released by Remedy Entertainment. Anyone who loves video games will have heard of this company since it produced the first two chapters of the Max Payne saga. Honestly, I also liked Quantum Break, a revolutionary project in some respects, and if you want you can read my review about it.

What about Control for PC? Well, there’s a lot to discuss. I’ll tell you right away: I wasn’t thrilled, but in some places, I found it a remarkable game. However, here’s everything you need to know about the game.

A story about… Control

Control PC Plot

Remedy has always paid close attention to the narrative of their games. For this reason, in Control the plot takes on a very important meaning. You will have to guide the protagonist, the beautiful Jesse Faden, on a journey between reality and dream.

In a nutshell, you’ll find yourself exploring the FBC, the Federal Bureau Control, a law enforcement organization operating in the United States. Regardless, when Jesse arrives at the FBC for her interview, the company’s director is found dead. Jesse is automatically chosen by the “Astral Plane” to become the new director and defend the FBC from the attack of enemies, called “The Hiss“.

I don’t want to spoil the plot any more than that since I would suggest you to live it yourself. I found it original in some respects, but not particularly exciting. Some twists seemed trivial and almost forced, enjoyable nevertheless. Also, if you’ve never played titles that have to do with space/time paradoxes and astral phenomena, some themes might seem unusual.

Moreover, I liked the character of Jesse Faden, a female protagonist who finds herself using an unknown power. Exactly, a story very similar to that of Ajna of Indivisible, a game that struck me, or Nilin from Remember Me.

Control for PC: once again a TPS Action

Gameplay of the game

What about the gameplay of Control for PC? Well, Remedy unleashes its best weapon: the third-person-shooter. Control’s gunplay is particularly fast-paced and dynamic. You’ll always have to be on the move and seek the right shelter to eliminate enemies.

If you want to have “control” over the weapon, then you will have to try to have a steady aim and score numerous headshots. Aiming at the head is my advice for you. This way you will be able to deal with even the most difficult stages.

Remember that your main strength in the game will be the Service Weapon, a weapon with fantastic powers. Initially, this pistol will look like a simple gun, but continuing in the game, you will unlock various upgrades. You can turn your weapon into a shotgun or a small machine gun.

At the same time, you will find “mods” and upgrades that will make you stronger in movements and hand-to-hand combat. You will develop different paranormal skills such as telekinesis, very useful to escape complicated situations.

A level of difficulty that doesn’t make you lose “control”

Control for PC is not difficult

To make you less invincible, the Service Weapon will have a limited loader and you will have to reload it. A necessary gameplay choice that I found fair. The difficulty in Control for PC is not high, meaning you can enjoy the story without losing patience.

I found the checkpoint system interesting. In the case of game over you will be forced to start again from these “control points” and sometimes they are very far from where you died. However, if you take advantage of the abilities and powers you have available, you will hardly see the game over screen.

Finally, it’s time for a little reflection. I don’t know if you’re a fan of TPS, but personally, this is one of my favorite genres. Maybe it’s just my personal preference, but from this point of view, Control for PC had something that I have already seen.

I don’t know if I can explain it, it’s the classic game that makes you say, “It’s okay, but it’s not mind-blowing great!”. Nice, but not too exciting. However, it exceeds in few other levels.

An exceptional technical level

Control for PC has astonishing graphics

One of the things I liked about Control for PC was its technical level. We are talking about a product that is close to the triple-A games and you can realize it by playing it. I liked the soft colors that intertwine with each other, creating amazing dreamlike atmospheres. It’s very nice to see the setting changing every time you reach a checkpoint, restoring reality to its natural form.

Plus, I liked the graphic details of the different characters. I mean, the graphics are top-notch and in some cases you’ll feel like you’re watching a movie, not playing a videogame.

Not to mention the fluidity of the fights, always frantic and fast. If you play Control on a PC capable of satisfying the recommended requirements of the game, you can enjoy a masterpiece from a technical point of view.

Discover the secrets of the Astral Plane in Control for PC

In conclusion, Control is a game you have to try if you love TPS and want to have fun with great technical work. If you have already tried the game then, I would like to know your opinion about it. Maybe with a comment, you can express what are the positive aspects of the latest work from Remedy Entertainment.

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Can you regain Control and gain power?

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