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Do you have more free time in the last few weeks than usual? Don’t fall because of the world pandemic! Today I want to present to you a great remedy to make time fly. I know, it looks like I’m advertising snake oil, but I’m not! Well, I want to introduce you to an incredibly immersive video game: Gloria Victis!

Have you never heard of it? Very well, let me show you its main features in this review. First of all, here’s the video game trailer, so you can get an idea of what it is.

I’d say we can now set off to discover Gloria Victis!

Gloria Victis: a low fantasy medieval atmosphere

Gloria Victis medieval game

Gloria Victis is an open-world MMORPG game. Its setting is that of the Middle Ages. However, it is not the classic era made of knights and kings. In the game environment, there are also magical elements that relate to the fantasy genre.

Of course, the game is multiplayer and will be based on PVP. I can assure you that collaboration is the key element in this title. Only if you can get in touch with the other players you can survive and become stronger.

You can choose to belong to two different factions. On the one hand, there are the Midlanders, valiant knights, and landowners. On the other there are the Ismirs, coming from the icy lands of the north, barbaric and violent. Regardless, remember that choosing character faction is just a starting point.

You can customize every aspect of your hero, deciding appearance, features, and background. Thanks to several elements such as the customization of the main character, Gloria Victis will be able to involve you completely. There are no classes in the game, you can shape your character as you see fit, just like in games like The Outer Worlds. Trust me, you can feel fully integrated into a magical and brutal world!

Will you be able to defend your territory?


At this point, we discover some features of the gameplay of Gloria Victis. As in the classic MMORPGs, you will have the main story to follow. Carrying out the main quests you will advance with the events of the plot of this title published by Black Eye Games.

I want to tell you that the main story is incredibly interesting. I couldn’t complete it all in my gameplay, but from what I could see, it is a plot created with care and attention. However, the PVP in the game is completely free. You can decide with total freedom how to play Gloria Victis, maybe exploring the wide open-world. You will also be able to engage in a fight to the death, participating in tournaments that involve the best online players.

Moreover, one of the best parts of the gameplay is to defend and conquer new territories. You will have to create alliances with other players and together besiege castles and cities. If you succeed in these feats, you can take advantage of the partial loot system and receive rich rewards. At the same time, you will have to defend yourself from the attacks of other players, maybe those who are looking for revenge! So, in addition to being a great warrior, you will have to prove yourself a skilled strategist, able to realize impenetrable defenses for your fortress.

The game system is developed at its best, it will entice you to play and constantly improve. Remember, only those who demonstrate the most skills will become stronger in Gloria Victis, coming to dominate the opponents.

Is Gloria Victis a difficult game?

I can honestly say no. Why? Because with a little practice, you’ll be able to calmly overcome even those that seem the most complicated quests.

Of course, don’t expect to be able to conquer upgrades and equipment right away. This is not a casual title so expect some difficulties, especially in the early stages, when your character will be very weak.

There is one thing that can increase the power of your character in the game: constancy. If you’re committed to balance and passion, I’m sure you can have the most fun with Gloria Victis.

Besides, if you have the chance, invite your friends to join the game. Playing together is much nicer, I can assure you. You can create your team and together conquer the medieval territories of the video game!

Early Access: the best is yet to come

Gloria Victis is still a game in Early Access. So, you don’t have to be surprised if you will encounter bugs or glitches while you play. The developers work closely to improve the technical level of the game.

Regardless, from a technical point of view, the game is acceptable. Of course, don’t expect photorealistic graphics like in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. Anyway, the graphics engine does its duty and will allow you to “live” with the open-world.

However, the best for this game has yet to come. According to the developers, the next updates will bring big news. It is planned to add naval battles and new interesting quests.

Of course, it includes technical improvements and new areas of play. I mean, this is just the right time to try the game, grow your character, and prepare for future updates.

Gloria Victis: are you ready to try it?

If you want my opinion, you should give Gloria Victis a chance. This game will surprise you positively. Also, it’s a great way to forget about the problems of this time and immerse yourself in a fantastic world.

You can find it in our store at a special price, take advantage of it now.

If you are a fan of the title or have questions about it, do not hesitate to express your comment. The Indiegala community will be happy to discuss the game with you.

Do you dare to be a gallant knight? Prove it now, don’t back away!

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