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Stay Inside, Stay Safe and Enjoy Good Games. 

Quarantine Sale Resident Evil 3
We haven’t posted for over an year, but today things change! And we’ve also a Quarantine sale!

For the past few months the world has been fighting and overcoming devastating fires, war-igniting conflicts, panic & mass hysteria. Today, we are facing one of our most dangerous threats: The Great Toilet Paper Crisis!

Jokes aside (for now), we here at IndieGala, just like many around the world, have been affected by the already notorious COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine, home isolation and frequent hand hygiene are some of the main precautions until the risk of secondary transmission to others is thought to be low.

Just because the times are harsh, it doesn’t mean we need to despair and let anxiety consume us. By revitalizing the blog we wanted to use this occasion to reconnect with our loved ones, play some videogames and share it with everyone…and you can do that too! Even from quarantine.

Today we are launching the Quarantine Sale together with a massive giveaway.

Yes! Thousands of games on sale on indiegala.com! Plus you get Knights of Pen and Paper as bonus spending more than 10$

We will also include some mini-reviews for some of our favorite games….

Here we go!

Resident Evil 7 

Resident Evil 7 Deal during Quarantine Sale

I remember seeing the presentation of RE7 live at E3 2016 and until the word Resident Evil appeared I would never have imagined a new chapter of RE.

The series needed a restart. 

There was the need for a clean cut with the most recent chapters, even if this meant changing everything: characters, names, settings and atmospheres.

RE7 even denies the third-person view, a sacrilege for some fans of the series. 

But the choice proves perfectly spot on.

Resident Evil 7 is a work of love, polished as you would expect from an AAA title, but with the beating heart of an independent horror production such as Outlast or The Forest.

The result is an intimate adventure, at times distressing and frightening, capable of completely immersing the player sucking him into the first person view and terrifying him in a subtle and unexpected way.

Our verdict:

RE 7 is a fresh start.

9/10 Simply a Masterpiece.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition (not in Quarantine Sale for now)

Image result for dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition Quarantine Sale

Dying Light and Dying Light The Following are nothing short of addicting and entertaining. 

This is some of the best action-parkour game ever. 

The gameplay is solid, the visuals are gritty and beautiful, the upgrade system is great and the worlds are fun to play in.

The game story is rich, the opponents varied, and it’s impossible to get bored. Especially since playing is down right spooky especially early on and as new opponents are added. An absolute must have for people who love to play in co-op mode. You can even play story mode in co-op.

Our verdict:

9/10 The best action survival you can buy now.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience (not in Quarantine Sale for long)

Image result for Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience Quarantine Sale

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience is the ideal collection for all fans of the series, given that it includes an awesome title of its kind, with all the most important DLC released for each of the three elements present (Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Online). The game has a great gameplay that doesn’t feel too repetitive. Most of the time you can either go full stealth, snipe from the distance or rush into battle like a mad man. 

It has a very immersive story line with excellent graphics and action that will keep you playing way past bedtime and has great stealth and combat options. 

8.5/10 I’m usually not into stealth games but when started playing it I was hooked.


Lucius Deal

Lucius takes us in the shoes of the little boy who is the object of many literatures, a direct descendant of Lucifer and an instrument for his power on earth.

Everything begins exactly 6 years after his birth, on the birthday of little Lucius. The party held in his honor brings all relatives and servants to gather in the villa, the Dante Manor, gathered around the table to celebrate the blowing out of the six candles. What better time to lay the foundations for domination of the material world than a lovely and happy birthday?

Shiver Games took full advantage of the child’s fake innocence to emphasize the sequence of murderers seen by the eyes of the victims. Lucifer’s son is on sale on Indiegala at the unmissable price of 0.99 €.

Our verdict:

8/10 “You cannot refuse such an offer” 😉

Surviving MarsSurviving Mars Deal

In Surviving Mars we need to build a colony on Mars and make it sustainable. Then reach a target number of colonists with other milestones along the way. This is a time consuming but enjoyable experience, the game speed is adjustable. The learning curve is fairly steep with allot of controls to learn and functions to get to grips with, but I think it plays quite well even on a medium spec PC.There is a learning curve and it took me four games before I really got the hang of it, but once you figure out how to control things and look at stats etc, the game play is smooth. If you like civilization games or building cities, you will like this game a LOT

8/10 Great for building and exploration fans

All of these quarantine sale games activate on Steam.

These are our suggestions for today! There are thousands of other deals in our quarantine sale as well as many bundles and you may even try to win some for free in one of our giveaways!

We’ll get back tomorrow with more suggestions and also with some diary entries about our strange quarantine days!

Stay Inside, Stay Safe and Enjoy Good Games.

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