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I want to anticipate it, this week the Games Giveaways by Indiegala reserves you some spectacular surprises!

The games you will find available are authentic gems of the gaming world that you have to try to win. You’ll find action titles, exciting videogames, platformers, and much more. You have to hope for your luck and try to win these games for free!

Games Giveaways: play now, luck awaits you

Maybe you’ll ask yourself: “How can I play the games giveaways and try my luck?”. Well, if you want to win the best titles of the week you just have to visit the Giveaway section on our website. Click here to get direct access and try as soon as possible.

Also, I want to remind you that if you want to get games completely free, then you have to take a look at the Freebies Indiegala section. You can play with interesting titles that will ensure hours of fun and gameplay.

Now it’s time to discover the games of the week!

The Disney Afternoon Collection: a dip in memories

The Disney Afternoon Collection, games giveaways

The Disney Afternoon Collection is the first game you have to try to win. Sure, you can be fooled by the nice and colorful atmosphere, but don’t let your guard down!

The game is quite complicated, just like those of the retro stations so much in vogue several years ago, when you had to visit the beautiful arcades. A classic gem by Disney that you have to get if you want to dive into memories.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, get in the battle

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

I have already spoken about this game in my review. However, I invite you once again to try it. It’s one of the best fighters of the moment.

You can choose between the best Marvel or Capcom heroes and give life to breathtaking fights. The gameplay will be exciting and you will also appreciate the story mode.

In a nutshell: you have to try (to win) it!

Moto Racer Collection: high-speed chills

I find a few racing videogames interesting. There are only a few exceptions in my Steam library like Wreckfest, F1 2020, and Moto Racer Collection.

The latter is exciting and it is also available in this week’s Games Giveaways. Do you love two-wheel vehicles, speed, and frantic overtaking? Then you must try this title. If you win it you can be incredibly satisfied!

Games giveaways: Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders, will you be a smart detective?

Games Giveaways - The ABC Murders

You can’t trust anyone, you don’t have to believe what you’re told, and you always have to seek the truth, no matter what. No, you’re not in the business world, but in the universe of Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders.

Like Sherlock Holmes, you will have to solve several mysteries that seem impossible. Will you be up to it? Well, start winning the game first and then you can try your skills as a detective.

Manual Samuel: even death can’t stop you

In this particular period maybe you want to try an over the top, crazy and unrestrained game. Well, I suggest you try Going Under or you can try to win Manual Samuel at the Games Giveaways.

In this title, you will have to get in Samuel’s shoes, a rich boy who makes a deal with death to survive as long as he controls every vital function manually. Seems easy, doesn’t it? Well, it won’t be!

I recommend you give it a chance because you will discover a modern, original and mirth videogame.

Games Giveaways, Dracula: The Resurrection, get ready for the thrill

Hey, we are in the period of Spoktober 2020, so in our selection of Games Giveaways can not miss horror titles! One of them is Dracula: The Resurrection.

It is an adventure that will take you to fight against the forces of evil. Thanks to your intuition and your reflections, you can eliminate the king of shadows and give hope to humanity. Hey, you can be a modern Van Helsing in this game, what more do you want?

Serial Cleaner: cleaning is better than killing

Serial Cleaner - games giveaways

Yes, we’ve already talked about Serial Cleaner on our blog, so let’s move on to our weekly selection.

I’m kidding, I still want to say a few words about this game. Its minimal graphics and its unique style will keep you busy for several hours. I would try to win this title at least once, it’s worth it!

Flock! with this name how can you not play it?

Aliens have come to Earth, tremble humans! Surrender to the extraterrestrial fleet and let them take, well, sheep, giant carrots, and various animals. Yeah, I’m not talking about XCOM, I’m talking about another game.

In Flock! you’ll have to command a UFO and suck up your goals. A crazy game, isn’t it? But I assure you that you will have fun with it and spend quality time!

Garfield Kart, will you win the lasagna?

games giveaways - Garfield Kart

Garfield Kart is one of the most popular Games Giveaways. I have already talked about it here and you will find all the information. Also, if you can win it you can get a fun game and a tasty lasagna (virtual, of course).

Games Giveaways: other possibilities available?

Are you looking for other possibilities? You’re a bad person, let me tell you.

Anyway, you will find available games like Syndrome, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, Crusader Kings II, and Skyseeker.

The games are still available for a short time, what are you waiting for to challenge your luck?

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