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It’s games giveaway time again! IndieGala knows well that many love these opportunities and I also do not hide my interest in this special occasion. Well, who doesn’t like to win interesting games completely free of charge? It’s easy, it’s fast, you just need to check the giveaway section (click here for direct access).

To tell you the truth, I prefer to win games being able to count on my skills, but if I have to bet on luck I don’t back down! What about you? Will you try to win again this time? Well, if you want to tempt fate, let me show you the best games available. If you do not want to tempt fate, we also have some options for you.

Games giveaway: here are the ones not to be missed

As always, I want to make a little clarification. Remember that it is not easy to win these games, but luck can always smile at you. In any case, if you want to get free games simply and directly, then I suggest you visit the Freebies section on the Indiegala website. After this premise, let’s discover our selection with the games you MUST try to win this week.

Enemy Front: face opponents without fear

Enemy Front is the first game I want to recommend to you. It is an interesting FPS, a classic variant on the theme of WW2. Plus, you’re gonna kill a lot of Nazis. When it comes to them, killing enemies takes on a special taste, doesn’t it?

Besides, in this game, you can choose the approach to your fight, ranging from stealth to guerrilla without limits. If you love FPS, like Superhot, then you have to try to win this title available among the games giveaway.

Katamari Damacy REROLL: a colorful and fun chaos

Katamari Damacy REROLL

Katamari Damacy REROLL is the classic Japanese crazy game. You will find yourself in front of no-sense situations, colorful, and funny, a bit like with Adventure Time, I don’t know if you understand the genre.

Yeah, but what’s the game about? Well, it’s not exactly easy to explain, and that’s the beauty of it! You will get in the shoes of the son of the King of Cosmos, a superior being who destroyed the entire universe. Through the Katamari, a spherical object, you will have to try to capture as many elements as possible, so your father can reform stars and planets.

Believe me, it’s a lunatic but fun game. Also, the gameplay will involve you to the maximum, just as it is happening with the game of the moment, Among Us. Try it, you won’t regret it.

F1 Race Stars: a mix of cuteness and adrenaline

F1 Race Stars

F1 Race Stars is a special game. On the one hand, you can enjoy the graphics playful, cute, and colorful to the fullest. On the other hand, you will have to sharpen your reflexes and assert yourself on the different circuits. It’s a mix of cuteness and adrenaline that you can also find in other games like Garfield Kart.

However, just like in games like Wreckfest or F1 2020, only the best drivers can triumph in this game. Don’t back down, take the challenge, grab the cute steering wheel, and let your opponents eat the dust!

Lords of the Fallen GOTY: eternal glory awaits you

Games giveaway: Lords of the Fallen GOTY

The last game giveaway I want to recommend is Lords of the Fallen GOTY. If you remember, I had already talked about this title in the past, writing a review about it.

It is a soulslike similar to the first Dark Souls and Code Vein. In detail, Lords of the Fallen is a long-lived game with an exciting plot. I also enjoyed his combat system, fluid and varied. Believe me, this is the soulslike for you, warrior!

Games giveaway: other options available

There are also other games you can try to win besides my recommended selection. For this time I suggest you try your luck with videogames like Leisure Suit Larry 7, Cities Skyline, System Shock 2, and Battle Fantasia.

Don’t wait any longer, take courage, and challenge your fate. Who knows, you can win the game you wanted so much!

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