For The King

For The King is truly an original game. Why? Well, it looks like a turn-based strategy game that has roguelike elements and offers you RPG customization.

This mix is not confusing, rather it is neat, clean, and pleasant. As you may have guessed, I loved this game published by Curve Digital. Here is my review of the videogame! Anyway, before reading it, take a look at the trailer.

Go on an exciting adventure

For The King gameplay

The king was killed. The queen asks you to bring justice into the kingdom and eliminate the assailants. Form your party from 3 characters and bring peace!

That’s it. That’s pretty much the plot premise of the game. The rest? Well, it’s all generated randomly. As in the best Roguelikes, such as Fallback, map, quests, and enemies will be generated procedurally. That’s right, you’ll never know what’s coming, even if you might have lost the game and you’re about to start your adventure again.

Initially, For The King may seem like a simple game to you. If you want advice, never let your guard down. Always be careful, because the slightest distraction could be fatal. Also, pay attention to your party. Try to compose it with the right characters and make sure that your defense is always greater than the attack. Thanks to a cautious approach, you will be able to defeat any enemy.

For The King: RPG elements are a strong factor

RPG elements

In addition to the Roguelike elements, For The King also features numerous RPG elements. You can customize every member of your party in detail. You will decide the style of the game, change their armor, and assign skills or special weapons. Moreover, you have to remember to try different combinations until you find the one that fits perfectly with your needs.

Also, while playing For The King, I got to appreciate the turn-based combat system. The combat system is well balanced, any move you make may win or fail. For this reason, remember to be patient when you try this title, do not exaggerate. Plus, some fights with enemies are really exciting, they will make you feel the adrenaline rushing and some unique emotions flowing.

What a beautiful multiplayer mode!

For The King multiplayer

Not many games have a local multiplayer mode. I much prefer this one to the online one. That way you can invite a friend home and play with him. Well, that reminds you of the good old days, doesn’t it?

Regardless, I assure you that playing in multiplayer mode at For The King is very fun. There is also the possibility to play with the Multiplayer online and make new friends on the web. Believe me, living the magical adventure of this game with someone at your side is satisfying!

For The King: will you try it?

Now you know all the features that make For The King a special game. Are you ready to try it? Well, find it at a special price in our store, do not miss this opportunity!

Defend your kingdom and avenge the injustices suffered, FOR THE KING!

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