Murder Mystery Movies

We curating seven cool Murder Mystery Movies for our Murder Mystery Sale! Yup! You’ve heard that right. IndieGala is proud to present our latest sale. It’s a Murder Mystery Sale and we’d love to tell you more about it.

Yes, we have plenty of sales currently on IndieGala. Our Capcom sale is still going strong (available here), and so is our Gearbox Publishing Sale (here). You can check it out here. But frankly, I’m all about our latest and most awesome sale. Our Murder Mystery Sale. Let me tell you more about it.

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Murder Mystery Sale VS Murder Mystery Movies

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Murder Mystery Movies

Murder Mystery Movies: Which Ones Made The Cut?

Well, the common themes in all of the 7 movie suggestions are mystery and murder. Some have both of these themes in their plot, while others don’t. Indeed. Some focus more on the mystery portion of the theme, while others focus more on the murder. Furthermore, some of the movies are older, while others are brand new. But we guarantee that every single one of them is fun, intriguing and interesting. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Woman In The Window

Talk about a brand new movie. Yup. Why not start this list with a 2021 movie? The Woman In The Window is the perfect starting point, and yes. It has an incredible cast. The Academy Award winners Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore are in the cast, but the lead role belongs to Amy Adams. She plays Dr. Anna Fox. A child psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia. She’ll begin to spy on her new neighbors and soon becomes a witness to a crime in their apartment. Although not the most well-received movie on this list, The Woman In The Window has its moments. Great performances, a good and accurate depiction of agoraphobia and a nice Rear Window-style murder mystery element. It’s worth indulging in it.

Fun fact: Joe Wright directed Gary Oldman to his first Best Actor Oscar win in Darkest Hour (2017). This is their second joint venture.


One of the most mind-bending movies of all time, don’t you think? And the movie that put Christopher Nolan on the map too. But yeah. Memento is all about Leonard Shelby (played by Guy Pierce). A man with anterograde amnesia who’s trying to find out who attacked him and who killed his wife. However, the method in which he’s doing his investigation is a rather unorthodox one. This is one hell of a movie, and dare I say, one of Nolan’s finest works. I loved the color differences from the two timelines, the clues in the script and the performances as well. Not to mention the convoluted, fractured narrative which is awesome. It’s a must-watch for every Nolan fan.

Fun fact: According to Christopher Nolan, Carrie-Anne Moss shot her whole part for the film in eight days.

Knives Out

Another recent movie, and another one that involves a murder investigation. A fantastic „who done it“ murder mystery with a fabulous ensemble cast. Seriously, there’s no shortage of talent in Knives Out and director/writer Rian Johnson knows that all too well. But Knives Out centers around a possible murder investigation. Daniel Craig plays Benoit Blanc. A PI that’s investigating the death of the patriarch of a wealthy, dysfunctional family. Some of the family members are potential suspects, and some of the help is suspects as well. Blanc needs to find the truth. But if you’re a fan of Knives Out, then you’re in luck. The sequel is currently in production.

Fun fact: Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas would later work together again in the 25th James Bond No Time to Die (2021).


This is the closest that Audrey Hepburn got to a Hitchcock movie, but it’s a damn fine attempt. And aside from Audrey, there’s a fine list of actors as well. Cary Grant is one of them and I must mention the talent of Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy as well. It’s a suspense thriller and a romance movie all in one. But Audrey plays Regina Lampert. A widow that’s been perused by several men. They all want the fortune that her husband stole, but they’ll play a game of Charade first. Oh, this is a fantastic movie. It’s intriguing, charming and tense. I highly recommend it.

Fun fact: Cary Grant was widely felt to be too old to play the romantic lead in this film.

The Fugitive

An action-thriller from the early 90’s that still feels fresh today. And Harrison Ford is actually the Fugitive in this movie. A man that’s accused of the murder of his wife. But when he makes a daring escape from captivity he’ll need to prove his innocence. Can he do it? The Fugitive is one hell of a thrill ride. With a fantastic script and dedicated performances from Ford and Tommy Lee Jones (he won an Oscar for this role), The Fugitive is a must-watch too. Oh and it was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar as well, but I’m recommending it because of the murder mystery themes in it.

Fun fact: The wrecked train and bus remain a tourist attraction in Dillsboro, North Carolina.

A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor has a blend of black comedy, mystery, crime and thriller. It’s a mixed bag of genres, but it has a great cast too. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick lead the two female leads in this movie. Lively plays Emily Nelson. A suburban mom and wife with lots of secrets that will disappear mysteriously one day. So her friend Stephanie will have to find out the truth. Not just about her disappearance but also her personal life. It’s not one of the best movies in Paul Figg’s career but one of the most daring ones for sure.

Fun fact: In ‘Elsewhere’ Anna Kendrick also plays a character looking for her missing best friend.


Why not end the list with a movie from the ’80s.? Clue is not the most well-known movie on this list, but it’s one of the most fitting ones. Also with an ensemble cast, Clue is a movie based on the popular board game Cluedo. And get this! It has three possible endings, much like the game itself. Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean are part of the cast, while Jonathan Landis co-wrote the script with the director Jonathan Lynn. It’s a classic murder mystery/ who done it movie but the entire plot is contained in an old mansion. Everyone is the suspect, so it’s up to you to solve the mystery.

Fun fact: Tim Curry has cited this as one of his favorite movies of his own.

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