Fallout 76 Review

It’s time to review Fallout 76. I know someone will hate me. Fallout 76 is a game that many have destroyed. Literally. I hated it at first, I do not hide it. This game developed by Bethesda was a big disappointment. The first gameplay was a heart attack for all those who love the Fallout series.

However, I am not writing today to review this video game negatively. I want to give it a second chance. For this reason, I wonder: is it worth replaying Fallout 76? Has something changed? Let’s find out together!

Fallout 76 review: what was wrong?

Fallout 76 gameplay
Everything was wrong

Let’s take a step back before we analyze the game as it is today. Fallout 76 was released in 2018 and was presented as the future of the science fiction series. Many were excited about this game because from the premises looks very promising. The idea of Fallout 76 is simple: transform the game world into a live system, thanks to the use of multiplayer mode.

Regardless, the game turns out to be a disaster. First of all, there are numerous graphical bugs. Some users report hilarious errors and glitches that crash the game. This happens on all platforms, both console and PC. Trust me, I tried Fallout 76 with friends. Initially, we thought it was a joke. Some elements were displayed in absurd ways, with characters flying and objects blocking the passage. Yes, in some respects the game was worse than Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition to these technical errors, this game presented a great lack of gameplay. In the Fallout series, I always loved the presence of NPC. For example, in Fallout 4, talking to NPCs was marvelous and with interactions, you could unlock new quests or alternative dialogues.

Well, in this game, at the time of the market launch, there were no NPCs. I have to tell the truth, there were, but they were few and flat. Their quests were repetitive, indeed to tell the truth they were horrendous!

I mean, that was the last straw. Not surprisingly, after a few hours of gameplay, I decided to abandon Fallout 76 and never play it again. Anyway, now things seem to have changed.

Fallout 76: how’s the game today?

The game now
You remember someone, right?

Now I can start the review of Fallout 76. I get right to the point, the game has been significantly improved. The developers Bethesda, in collaboration with Zenimax, have given new life to the game. The developers listened to the fans’ ideas and decided to make significant changes to this video game.

The breakthrough came when Bethesda decided to release a free upgrade. This version of the game was called Fallout 76: Wastelanders. First, all the graphical bugs and numerous glitches of the game have been fixed. I tried the game recently and I have to say that everything went right. The map is new and many more elements have been added. With Wastelanders, players are transported to West Virginia and must discover new places full of mystery and adventure.

Besides, the gameplay has received numerous additional objects. Now you can customize your character under every detail, creating a complete hero. In this new version of the game, there is sarcasm, an element that I’ve always loved in RPGs, as evidenced by my review of The Outer Worlds.

Moreover, I appreciated the improvements given to C.A.M.P. your base to save progress and protect you from enemies. This refuge can be made unique, just like the Mother Base of MGS V: The Phantom Pain. Plus, you can increase the C.A.M.P. space by welcoming many online players. This is a mechanic that I loved and reminded me of the customization of the ship in Genesis Alpha One.

What about the NPCs?

Fallout 76 NPC

Well, there is a fair surprise for those who want to replay this game. The update also included new NPCs. I was incredulous when I found out that the NPCs added were good. Now the game has a well-defined plot that changes as the character evolves. Sure, we’re a long way from New Vegas, but all in all, it’s a compelling story.

At the beginning of our adventure, our hero will meet Lacey and Isela. These two characters will explain to us what happened to the Wastelanders and how the Earth changed due to the nuclear catastrophe that involved it. It’s not very original, but remember that this is a prequel to the series. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if some things seem to have been seen before!

What if you want to replay the original story of Fallout 76? Well, you can do that too. The developers worked to fix the plot holes and insert additional content. During the review of Fallout 76, I tried to start the first online campaign and I noticed some great improvements.

It looks like Bethesda did the best to fix this game and give the gamers what they paid for. Of course, it took three years, but this is a significant example for the industry, like No Man’s Sky. Fallout 76 is the perfect example of how a game that has been “destroyed” can “redeem itself” and become a terrific title.

How’s the Fallout 76 community?

My advice is to play Fallout 76 with friends. This way, you can have fun. Moreover, you can progress easily in the game, advancing quickly in the multiplayer campaign.

However, the game community is wide. In the last period, many players have savored the pleasure of playing it. The success was guaranteed by the free release of Wastelanders. This upgrade did not require an extra cost but is free to all those who had bought Fallout 76.

So, even if you don’t find anyone to play Fallout 76 with, you can be sure to make new friends online!

Is it worth a try?

Fallout 76 has improved since its first release. Sure, it’s not a perfect game, but playing it now can be enjoyable. For this reason, I recommend it to all those who want to try it for the first time. It can be the right game for those who love online RPGs and want to explore the Wastelands! Plus, now you can try the new version, called Fallout Worlds.

Here, you can take a look at the last trailer of the game.

In our store, you can buy Fallout 76 at a special price. Plus, you can get the Wastelanders expansion now. Will you have the courage to be the hero of Vault 76? Do not hold back, explore a post-apocalyptic world, make alliances, and give hope to humanity.

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