Die Young Experience

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My Die Young experience post is the first of the Filmaholic Gamer Review posts in 2021. And I love that to be honest. Why? Well because of several reasons. First and foremost, the game is both developed and published by our very own IndieGala. Indeed, it’s one of the company’s pride and joys. Secondly, the game was just released on PlayStation4. And last but not least, this is my second Filmaholic Gamer Review posts with a female lead character. After AC Odyssey of course. So you can imagine my excitement?

Oh, and a disclaimer. The post you’re about to read is not a typical review. It’s more an uninformed and very basic opinion of a rookie gamer. Take it with a grain of salt.

Die Young Experience
Daphne in Die Young

Die Young Experience: Surviving And Escaping

But unlike AO Odyssey, the essence of the Die Young Experience is a bit different. Die Young, is a first-person exploration/survival game. It’s set on an island in the Mediterranean Sea and you play as Daphne. A kidnapped girl struggling to survive and eventually escape the island. She’s starving, dehydrated and burnt in the hot sun. But that’s the least of her worries there. What she’ll find on the island will become much harder to survive.

A Fun Die Young Experience

Did I mention that I love video games with lead female characters? Well, I do and Daphne is the last in my line of characters that I adore. And you might say that it’s a survival game, but it’s more an escape simulator. Luckily the game allows you to avoid combat, and stealth your way out of trouble. And believe me, for a rookie gamer like myself it’s all I needed to know.

But what I did enjoy in this game (while I’m at the finding of the silver linings in the situation stage) it’s the athleticism that Daphne has. Let’s face it. She’s a spoiled rich kid, and you meet has as such. But surprisingly she does excel in parkour and climbing, which was a pleasant discovery. I suppose the rock-climbing lessons she took before her ordeal, paid off.  She’s no Lara Croft, but she does manage it admirably.

Die Young Experience

Keeping Daphne Alive Is Not Easy

All in all, I enjoyed Die Young. It’s perfect for beginners like me. Why? Because it’s more of an escape simulator than an action survival game. And that’s OK with me, to be honest. All I had to do is keep her alive and healthy enough to continue to stay alive. You know, since my first physical interaction with the bad guys (aka the enemies) didn’t go all too well. Which only proves my moto. When in doubt, hide and run like hell.

And leave the fighting for someone else. But I was glad that there was a good amount of resources to help Daphne stay alive. Flowers, plants and berries are always cool to have here. Oh, and since I’m pretty new at this, my immediate instinct was to go sightseeing on the island. Like a god damn tourist. A dumb decision on my part, I know. Actually, it was my husband who delivered the wake-up call early on in the game…

What are you doing? You’re not on vacation there. Move your ass! You have to get out of there! Preferably alive.

Die Young Experience

The Rats And Snakes Are Annoying!

Although I enjoyed exploring the environment the most, I did enjoy the side-quests too. The Manor Farm murders was an exciting one and so was the Open the Bull Door one. However I must admit, that out of the entire inventory, I enjoyed the crowbar the most. Uncraftable weapon I know, but it was awesome. I don’t know why. Perhaps it reminded me of Half-Life, and how it’s an iconic weapon in two separate games. Both survival games I might add. But yeah. The wrench was my second favorite- simple and easy to use.

But speaking of the Manor Farm, I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying those damn filthy rats were for me. There and pretty much everywhere else. Heck, at times even more than those pesky cult members. Sure the snakes too, but the rats! Ugh. I gave genuine disgust towards those horrible rodents anyway, but these were especially annoying. Ugh, disgusting. 

Awesome Influences

But early on in the game, I could see the influences that other games had on Die Young. Games like Dying Lights and even Far Cry first come to mind here. Yes, I did try them out last year, and I loved them. But it’s not a bad homage to have right? Especially in the environment and in the survival aspects of the game. But yeah. The open-world is quite good and massive in Die Young. And if you’re a fan of exploring in open-world games (as I am) you’re going to love this game. Oh, and speaking of… Watch out for Daphne’s stamina bar. Sure she can re-charge her batteries quickly, but you have to let the girl get some rest. Catch a breather after all that jumping, climbing, and parkour.

Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here

I’m actually glad that I started from the literal bottom in Die Young. With almost nothing on myself. Heck, not even shoes on her feet. It only adds to the realistic possibility of the situation. She’s scared, hungry, thirsty and all alone on the bottom of a well when we first meet her. And then it’s all that you can make of her. But yeah. I enjoyed not only this character. But the game itself too. I even gave it to my husband (the experienced gamer) to try it out. And understandably it was a piece of cake for him because let’s face it. He has 20+ years of experience in playing video games. But he liked it as well, which is cool.

Your Thoughts On The Die Young Experience

What are your thoughts on Die Young? Have you tried it yet? If you haven’t here’s a chance for you to do that. Now on PlayStation 4 as well. But I’d love to know your opinion on the game. Let me know in the comment section below.

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