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Let’s be honest, I don’t like the horror genre, but I saw Man of Medan on Steam and I got curious. It immediately seemed a different game compared to videogames of the genre.

Yes, I know it’s not innovative since the game has a sort of “prequel” namely Until Dawn. Regardless, if Until Dawn looked like a simple graphic adventure, Man of Medan seemed much more exciting to me.

Why? Well, let’s find out together, analyzing the strengths of this horror videogame developed by Supermassive Games (what a name!) And the timing is just right, since the second installment  The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, is just around the corner.

Man of Medan on Steam. What are you talking about?

Man of Medan Steam characters

Although the game has had a good promotion, perhaps some have never seen Man of Medan on Steam. So, it seems logical to begin by explaining the plot of this game belonging to the Dark Pictures Anthology.

Don’t you know what Dark Pictures Anthology is? Well, then I have to explain everything! Seriously, this is a project that Supermassive Games has decided to carry on, proposing Man of Medan as the first chapter of the series. Each game belonging to this franchise will explore a sub-genre horror that will mix cinema and videogames. An interesting and ambitious novelty, which caught my attention.

At the beginning of the game, we meet the Curator, an omniscient narrator, elegant, and disturbing, who tells us the story of Ourang Medan. The latter is a ghost ship that disappeared in 1954. The story then introduces us to our 5 protagonists, Alex, Brad, Julia, Conrad, and Felicitè.

During a quiet submarine expedition, the 5 characters will become hostages of malicious pirates and will come across the cursed ghost ship. Believe me, at that point there will be many surprises and between reality and supernatural, you will remain with bated breath.

The power of the thrilling atmosphere

Atmosphere in the game is amazing

I enjoyed some of Man of Medan’s plot choices. Some seem to be clichés of classic horror movies, while others were really enjoyable. Besides, even the atmosphere of the game was built interestingly and sometimes this aspect inspires fear. Yeah, just like when you play Get Even.

I mean, Man of Medan amazed me. If you adore being fascinated by the plot of a game, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Fun Fact: the Ourang Medan is a ship that REALLY disappeared and was found after some time. The ship was intact but the crew had been killed by an unknown threat. Even today, this is a mystery. Well, not such a fun fact, is it?

How to play Man of Medan on Steam?

Man of Medan Steam has a good gameplay

But what is the gameplay of Man of Medan? Well, it’s an interactive survival horror drama videogame. In other words, it’s the same gameplay as Until Dawn, with some minor improvements. You will have moments where you can move into the setting and perform a few actions such as detecting important clues.

However, the essential part of the gameplay is in the interactions between characters. In your adventure, you will find yourself having to make choices that can radically change the history of the game. Even the slightest change can lead to a devastating or salvific effect, depending on the circumstances.

I want to make a special mention for the multiplayer of the game, the real revolutionary novelty. You can play the whole story with other unknown players or friends. I suggest you try this mode because it makes the adventure more special.

Moreover, as in The Outer Worlds, words have a lot of power in this videogame. In the beginning, the characters do not have a well-defined character, but their personality will be decided by the choices you will make. So if you want some advice, pay attention to the things you’ll make the characters say, don’t underestimate any details!

Finally, I enjoyed the choices that the gameplay requires you to make. Sometimes you’ll have to make decisions that can save the lives of your friends or the character you control. In most cases, Man of Medan is like real life, there’s no happy ending. Therefore, the actions at stake can make you question on different topics, such as the true value of friendship, the importance of life, and the power of love.

You didn’t expect a philosophical twist in a horror game, did you? Well, neither did I, but it surprised me!

The mix between cinema and videogame that works (?)

A strong graphics for Man of Medan

I want to analyze one of the most contrasting aspects of Man of Medan. I don’t love videogames that seek hyper-realism. Sincerely, I prefer those with magical and fairy-tale graphics.

Of course, the technical work done for Man of Medan is impressive, sometimes it seems to play with real people. But is this the future of videogames? I don’t think we need this graphical perfection to make a game interesting and exciting.

So, great job Supermassive Games, but the foggy nights of the game will never manage to excite me like the dark landscapes of Bloodstained.

What do you think of the game?

You saw Man of Medan on Steam and you’re deciding whether to take it? Well, before buying it I suggest you take a look at our store because you can get it at a special price.

If you’ve already played the game, I’m curious about what you think. What are your comments about it and what is your thinking about the graphics issue? Feel free to share your opinion with our community.

Ready to take a journey into an unsolved mystery? Then start your adventure with Man of Medan!

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