Greetings Mercenaries,

For this Friday’s devlog, we wanted to show you our most recent YouTube video highlighting some of the exciting things the development team has been working on.

While you’re checking the video out, be sure to head over to IndieGala or Steam to play the new Vorax alpha 0.3, which is still available for a limited time

“Bilial-Like” Creatures Stalk the Night

There are more dangerous things than simple zombies that lurk in the dark on the island. Not only do they present a physical threat, but their terrifying appearance will test even the most hardened mercenary’s sanity.

While it can be dangerous to engage them, they often drop special loot that can be extremely useful. Remember, good things come to those that are brave.

Sergeant Elcado Needs Help

While much of the island has been ravaged by the virus, there are still people who have managed to survive. One such survivor is Sergeant Elcado, who is the only surviving member of a NATO squad sent to investigate the ongoing events on the island. Survivors like him can often help you throughout your mission, but they will often ask that you do something for them in exchange.

Community Highlight: Gameplay Versatility & Compatibility

One of our goals in developing Vorax, is to provide the player with multiple different ways to play the game. Whether it’s going in guns blazing, or cleverly trapping an area to avoid fighting enemies head on, we want the player to choose how they approach each and every situation.

To highlight this, check out some of the content created by our community members showcasing how they tackle difficult situations.

What’s next?

That’s all for this week, everyone. But look forward to the next one when we will take a closer look at some of the strategic aspects of the game, such as trap crafting and building fortifications.

Remember, the Open Alpha is still available for those of you wishing to experience some of the new content and updates we’ve added to the game. Also, be sure to join our Discord to get exclusive news on updates, events, and more.

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