Blazing Sails

When I was watching a stream on Twitch I got into Blazing Sails. Yes, I admit, occasionally I don’t play, but I watch others play on streaming platforms. Shame on me. Regardless, I got curious and decided to try this title published by Iceberg Interactive.

What are my impressions? Well, you can imagine, since when it comes to pirates I go crazy, as you might have noticed from my post about the Monkey Island franchise. Here is my review of the game.

Are you ready to set the sails?

Blazing Sails Gameplay

Blazing Sails is a Battle Royale game. However, with this videogame, you won’t have to jump off a bus and catapult yourself into a battlefield. Rather, you will depart aboard your galleon, ready to face the other players.

Of course, you will have to explore the different islands of the map to look for upgrades, weapons, and bonuses. The fights with other players can be exciting duels in the first person or real naval battles. The fights with other players can be exciting duels in the first person or real naval battles.

Moreover, I can guarantee you that the game is competitive, you have to demonstrate gaming skills to win. Do not expect to build walls and stairs to succeed in triumphing over the other characters (you know what I mean). Trust your survival instincts and become the pirate king!

Blazing Sails: an entire community to challenge

When I talk about Battle Royale games as Playerunkown’s Battleground, I always think that the best gaming experience is to try them with your friends. From this point of view, Blazing Sails is no exception. Try it with your friends, believe me, you will have hours of play and fun assured.

However, I must say that Blazing Sails also has a strong community. Every online game is incredibly competitive, the players will do anything to win. Of course, you can always find someone who wants to waste time and not play seriously, but it’s rare.

Plus, I enjoyed the continuous updates of the game. Developers are committed to improving this title on a technical and gameplay level. Periodically, the developer team Get Up Games adds numerous new or innovative game modes.

In a nutshell, I think Blazing Sails is full of potential, I am convinced that the best has yet to come.

Drink some grog and pull out the saber

Do you want a BR that knows how to involve you greatly? Then you must try Blazing Sails; it will not disappoint you. If you want to take a look at what’s waiting for you, take a look at the trailer.

You can buy it at a discounted price in our store and redeem it in your virtual library in a few clicks.

Guide your crew to boarding and destroy the other pirates!

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