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Monkey Island is a franchise that I particularly care about. This series has made me passionate about the world of videogames. As a child, I spent hours trying to solve the different puzzles that involved Guybrush Threepwood, the pirate hero protagonist of the different chapters.

Now that I should, well, be “adult” from time to time I play the chapters that I liked most about the franchise. To be honest, it’s an experience that I recommend, because now you will surely be able to catch many more jokes and references. Plus, you can manage to have incredible fun with these games.

But what are the best games in the series? Well, let me show you my opinion!

Monkey Island: what is the genre of the series?

Before proceeding with the selection of the best titles of the franchise, I want to make a small introduction.

The genre of these games has almost disappeared in recent times. It is the Graphic Adventure, very popular in the ’90s and practically non-existent today. Of course, there has been a natural evolution of the genre that implements exploration and clues to grasp, a bit like it happens in Life is Strange or Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter.

However, the unique atmosphere that crossed this series is impossible to replicate. No, I’m not just talking about nostalgia, because even though I think about the Sam & Max series, I have the same feeling.

Regardless, I know why games like this are no longer produced. I mentioned this in the Retro Stations article. These graphic adventures were hard to complete. They took time and effort and you had to pay attention to every detail. Today anyone prefers simple games, you can complete them even in 2-3 hours. Not to mention the fact that the single-player is gradually disappearing. It is no coincidence that LucasArts, the company that produced such games, has practically gone bankrupt.

At this point, I wonder, as gamers have we taken a step forward? Or did we condemn developers who loved to create similar games, just to focus on technical details and stupid console wars?

I would like to know your opinion. Okay, I know my premise wasn’t that small, but I wanted to bring this to your attention! Here are the best games.

The Secret of Monkey Island: the first game

The Secret of Monkey Island

You know what they say, you never forget your first love. The Secret of Monkey Island is a game that every gamer should have tried at least once in their life. Right from the start, it’s gonna get you involved and into a crazy world full of pirates.

It is an innovative graphic adventure. In addition, it’s one of the first games to have characters with a characterization, full of sarcastic dialogues and unforgettable jokes. I mean, have you ever faced a terrible female pirate with insults? Well, in this game you can do it.

Not to mention the many puzzles you’ll have to face to be able to advance in the game (has anyone talked about rubber chicken with a pulley?).

I recommend you try this game, you can just find it in our store.

LeChuck’s Revenge, the controversial sequel

LeChuck's Revenge

I know making a sequel after you’ve done a masterpiece as chapter one is a difficult task. Lucasarts at that time, in 1991, was simply magical, since the company managed to publish a worthy second chapter of the franchise.

Same atmosphere, same gameplay, and above all the same sarcasm: in short, Monkey Island 2 is a game to try, perhaps one of the best sequels ever. Perhaps technically this is even better than the predecessor, but you have to analyze the details to find the differences. For example, the music is slightly better here and will remain etched in your head.

Of course, the end can leave you with a bitter taste. A twist that ruins the story or is it too brilliant? Play this chapter and express your opinion!

The Curse of Monkey Island: is it worth playing?

The Curse of the saga?

For many, this chapter was the end of the franchise. Released six years after the first title of the series, “The Curse” presents multiple differences from previous games.

First, the graphics changed, becoming more modern and defined. Besides, the story is altered. However, since this is my article, I want to include it among the best games in the series. “The Curse” is a breath of fresh air for the series. Thanks to it, hundreds of guys got to know the saga and played the first two chapters. Exactly, for me, it was the same.

Plus, there are interesting puzzles in the game. Maybe you have never tried the third title of the series, if you want to do it you still have time, here’s the game on our store!

Escape from Monkey Island: the new era

Well, this game is the least beautiful of the series. Sure, then there’s Tales of Monkey Island, but I don’t even want to consider it.

It is a bit sluggish. 3D graphics is not very nice but actually, it’s just the story: it’s weak. Seeing the same characters for the umpteenth time does not add anything exciting. The new characters then, well, are flat and uninteresting. Yes, the antagonist, Ozzie Mandrill, is forgettable.

Ultimately, I recommend this title to those nostalgic for the saga and those who love graphic adventures. What? Why did I put him on the list of the best in the series? Come on guys, after all this is a product of Lucasarts and it’s right to mention it to make a tribute.

Don’t be so picky, just for once!

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