Bioshock Infinite: a masterpiece

Bioshock Infinite is without a doubt one of the best FPS ever made. Yes, in my chart, this work of art reaches a level of perfection difficult to match. As you may have guessed, this is one of my favorite video games, but don’t worry, I won’t get (too) emotional.

Hopefully review of Bioshock Infinite will persuade you to play this game, or at least give it a shot. Are you ready? Then let’s discover this masterpiece created by Irrational Games.

Welcome to Columbia

Bioshock Infinite has a stunning setting: Columbia

Bioshock Infinite can absorb you from the very first moment. If you have played the first chapter of the saga, which you can find here, then you will immediately get the shivers.

It all starts with a lighthouse” this phrase will remain engraved in your mind and is one of my favorite quotes. But if in the first Bioshock you had to explore the underwater city of Rapture, now you go to the sky and arrive in Columbia.

A fantastic setting, full of colors and sounds, which seems to portray the United States in the early 1900s. The bizarre layouts may seem unreal at times, but it fits perfectly with the settings and the context. Little by little you will love Columbia and you will enjoy exploring it from top to bottom.

The game world is not fully open, but it is very extensive with some secrets that just cry to be discovered. Besides, I would recommend collecting all the Voxophones and Kinetoscopes, audio and video world-building tools that will allow you to learn more about the story and characters.

If you find these collectibles, you’ll find out the truth

Bioshock Infinite: the grandeur of an exceptional story

Bioshock Infinite has an amazing plot

If I had to ask myself what made me fall in love with Bioshock Infinite I would immediately answer: the story. Honestly, I don’t want to lie to you, maybe at first you won’t understand much, (maybe even after you finish the game…) but little puzzle pieces will form during your adventure. You will just have to put them together.

The premise is simple: you’re Booker Dewitt, a private investigator who has to bring a girl, Elizabeth, home. Everything is flowing in the right direction, but there will be a point in the game that will make your eyes light up.

Elizabeth in town

At that point, everything will seem confusing and drag you into a vortex of “paradoxes” that will lead you to an epic ending. Thanks to this aspect, Bioshock Infinite brings you to a point where you want to know more and more things, playing for hours without stopping.

I’m really holding off on telling you more details about the plot, but I will give you a little hint. The game title is NOT randomly picked, but there is a very specific reason behind it!

Regardless, I want to talk to you about something that made me think a lot. Throughout life you will have to make several choices…but will they really affect the course of it or is everything predetermined? That remains a (philosophical) matter debate.

However, the journey you will make with Bioshock Infinite is in itself an answer to your end goal. A justification of the choices you have made and you will continue to make. Well, even in real life the destination can be the same, but our way of reaching it can change every time and that’s what matters!

Bullets, frenzy and “Vigors”

Vigors in action

As for the gameplay aspect, Bioshock Infinite has everything a good FPS, like SUPERHOT for example, should have. There are several weapons in the game and you have to choose carefully because there are limits.

For example, you can opt for a classic gun or blow up enemies with the Bazooka but be careful to have the necessary ammunition. Plus, you will need to have your reflexes ready because there will be dozens of enemies ready to eliminate you at all times.

Bioshock Infinite: vigor and weapons, a deadly combination

There won’t be many moments of rest, you’ll always have to be alert and have your eyes open. In addition to the classic weapons, you can also count on different vigors, the equivalent of plasmids of the first Bioshock. Vigors are power-ups you’ll use with your left hand.

Again, you can choose which ones to use. Some are more stealth oriented and others more direct, but I advise you to focus on brute action. I’m telling you, it’s a FPS, and not getting caught is not gonna do much good in most situations.

Final Bioshock Infinite advice: try it now

Ultimately, Bioshock Infinite is a game you must have in your collection. The game has an extended story…but if you still need to know more you can choose the Bioshock: The Collection. It contains the complete Bioshock experience.

In fact, I recommend this edition. This way you can also play the first game, as well as Burial at Sea. You will get to witness how the circle closes. You can find the 3 chapters of the saga (+a few mini-chapters) available at an exceptional price.

If you have already played the first Bioshock, take the opportunity and buy Bioshock Infinite with a discount of 78%.

To INFINITE and beyond, baby.

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