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2021 what a golden year for the Indie Games! Many interesting titles have been released. Some works have even surpassed the perceived quality of triple-A video games. What are the games you’ve probably missed this year? Let’s find out together. 

2021 Indie Games: Why we love them?

First, I want to express a brief thought before analyzing the list of the Best Indie Games of 2021. Nowadays, the video game market is full of productions. Indie developers pop up like mushrooms, every day you can notice new games available in stores like Steam or Indie Gala. 

So indie games are the essence of the gaming world. Behind each project, some people engage with passion and enthusiasm to give the fans the best.

That’s why we love indie games. They are made FOR the players. The latter is not a slogan, it’s the truth. Besides, some games have original ideas and complicated concepts. If you play them, you will experience unforgettable emotions and feelings.

Now, let’s explore together my top 9 indie games of 2021!

Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes 2021 Indie Games

Before Your Eyes is an innovative and magical game. This title is a first-person experience. You will find yourself having to guide your soul through the passage towards afterlife.

Before you reach the afterlife, you will have to relive the most important moments of your life. Each stage of the game will make you excited. In addition, you can fully immerse yourself in the plot, empathizing with the main character.

The gameplay integrates the PC webcam, you can guide your character with the blink of your eyes. It is an incredible gameplay technique, it works perfectly. Besides, the graphics are cartoonish and fluffy, in a classic indie style. I strongly advise you to play Before Your Eyes, you will not regret it.


Lake Game

1986. Meredith Palmer decides to move to Providence Oaks, Oregon, the town where she was born and raised. The protagonist decided to leave the large and chaotic city she lived in to move to this place surrounded by unspoiled nature.

You will begin a two-week journey in search of your past, meeting new faces and already known people. You’ll have total control and you can decide who to talk to and who to start a relationship with. However, after two weeks, you will have to make a decision: go back to your previous life or stay in this town?

Lake is an arousing and relaxing game. It is the ideal choice for those who want to switch off and live moments of peace of mind. In a nutshell, it’s the antithesis of Going Under.

Twelve Minutes (2021 Indie Games)

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is a thriller game that combines elements from cinematic works such as The Shining and Memento.

You are a man who returns home and is happy to spend a romantic evening with his wife. However, the police break into your house, accuse your wife of murder, and beat you to death. What happened and how can you change things? You can discover the truth by going back twelve minutes. You’ll be trapped in an endless loop until you find out the fact.

High-caliber actors have been involved in this game, such as James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. If you love mysterious games like Heavy Rain, you must give Twelve Minutes a shot.

Genesis Noir 

From the very first moment, Genesis Noir will leave you speechless. The graphic style is black and white with strange characters and cosmic settings. It is decidedly breathtaking.

You will get in the shoes of No Man, a peddler watch willing to do anything for the love of his life. The expanding universe will have no limits for you and thanks to your actions you can decide whether to save or destroy it.

This game developed by Fellow Traveler is a non-traditional point and click adventure, video games like Monkey Island are in the past, with Genesis Noir you will witness the evolution of indie games.


Unpacking is a simple and zen indie game. Your purpose will be to empty some boxes and order everything in your place.

You will have to tidy up entire rooms, from the kitchen to the bedroom. You will not have timers or scores, you can take as long as you want. In this game, peace will be your most valuable ally. At the same time, you can discover the story of the game’s character through the different objects in the house. It is interesting and engaging.

If you want a peaceful pastime for leisure, you have to play Unpacking.

Death’s Door (2021 Indie Games)

Death’s Door is a thrilling RPG with cute graphics. This game is not easy, game design and combat system make it very difficult.

You will be Crow, a grim reaper who is tasked with collecting souls for the afterlife. However, one day the soul you must collect will be stolen by a stranger. Are you ready to embark on a long journey and resume what is yours?

The atmosphere is incredible, a mixture of Dark Souls, For the King, and Bloodstained. Yes, it’s comedic but dark. In addition, the plot reveals dark secrets that you will discover gradually. In short, you have to play it!


Unsighted 2021 Indie Games

Are you nostalgic and love vintage games like Megaman? Unsighted is the indie game for you! Its old-style graphics will make you fall in love at first sight.

You will have to help Alma, a sentient automaton who has to retrieve her friends and save the world. Humans don’t exist anymore, robots are in control now. However, the automatons are turning into unsighted, unwilling beings who just want to kill. Will you find out the truth about what’s going on and find a solution to stop the problems? Well, you can only succeed if you make the right upgrades.

The gameplay allows you to customize your character, boosting your equipment and your weapons. Thanks to these power-ups you can eliminate the most powerful enemies. You can also play Unsighted in co-op, together with your friends. Check it out now and try one of the 2021 gems.

The Artful Escape (2021 Indie Games) 

The Artful Escape

There are no easy words to describe The Artful Escape. The game is a mix of aliens, music, colors, geometric shapes, and dreams. It’s pretty extravagant, isn’t it?

Francis Verdetti is a young musician who does not feel up to his uncle’s legacy. For this reason, he decides to take an interdimensional mental journey. During his adventure, Francis will meet several extraterrestrial beings and gain confidence in his means as a musician. Will this be enough to make him accept the legacy of folk music legend?

Well, I don’t think there is anything else to add, this is a game you have to try firsthand. If you want to play this psychedelic experience, buy the game. You won’t forget that easily.

Dodgeball Academia 

Last but not least, there is Dodgeball Academia. It is a game that I found extremely enjoyable. Japanese anime-style graphics struck me right away. The gameplay is easy and intuitive, just like the other games published by Humble Games.

In a world where Dodgeball is life, you will get in the shoes of Otto, a guy who has the dream to become a great champion of this sport. However, you will have to overcome several obstacles to pursue your dream. Take on powerful enemies and make alliances as you train your dodgeball skills. Will you have the strength to become a world icon?

Dodgeball Academia is a charming but light game. Add it to your collection and enjoy an indie masterpiece.

Top 2021 Indie Games: What are your choices?

Do you agree with this list? Or do you think other games can be included in this selection? Share your thoughts with the Indie Gala community and let me know what you think!

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