Heavy Rain review

I admit: making a Heavy Rain review was not easy for me. This game impressed me deeply when I tried it. In a nutshell, I think it’s a masterpiece, a game that has led indirectly to the development of other famous games.

Why am I so excited to write this review? Well, read on and you’ll find out

Heavy Rain review: what kind of game is it?

Heavy Rain game

First of all, I want to talk about what kind of game Heavy Rain is. It is an adventure game, but its gameplay is remarkable. Not surprisingly, this project was developed and published by Quantic Dream. The French software house is known for making original and unique video games.

Heavy Rain is the first of its kind. Why? Because, from my point of view, its gameplay is an evolution of graphic adventures. That’s right, in my vision, this game represents the successor of graphic adventures like Monkey Island or Broken Sword.

Of course, compared to classic graphic adventures, you’ll have more freedom of movement. Your character will move in a sandbox where he can talk to other NPCs, discover details through exploration, and interact with different objects. Every detail can be fundamental to your gameplay, so do not underestimate anything. Curiosity must be your extra weapon in this game.

Believe me, when I played Heavy Rain I felt like I was going to be a kid again and try a graphic adventure.

Moreover, this game is suitable for those who want to get a game from the intricate and mysterious history. But later we will talk about the plot, without spoiling, of course!

The plot: thriller and mystery intertwine

At this point, it seems logical to talk about the plot of Heavy Rain. Of course, this can be an undertaking. I don’t want to spoil the experience. So, I’m going to try and hint at the plot.

There is a new serial killer in town. Everyone knows him as the Origami Killer. This mysterious character is at the center of the plot. In particular, Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler, tries to find such a serial killer who kills children.

The suspicions fall on Ethan Mars, a man once happy but now fallen into disgrace. Will the investigators can blame Ethan, or is he just an unlucky innocent? In a few steps, you’ll find out the truth, playing investigators first and then Ethan. All while the city is constantly hit by heavy rain that seems to be a metaphor for the constant drama that fills the story.

The development of the plot will leave you speechless. Between twists and unexpected revelations, I assure you that you will want to complete the game more than once. Plus, you should know that this game has several endings. Just like in Little Hope, your choices and actions will have consequences. I warn you, unlocking the “good ending” will not be easy, but it will be worth a try!

Heavy Rain review: good graphics for good characters

Ethan Mars - Heavy Rain review

I also want to talk about the graphics of the game in this review of Heavy Rain. This title was released in 2010. Exactly, 11 years have passed since its debut. However, like good wine, it has aged well. Graphically, the game is pleasant to try.

Sometimes, you will experience the vintage effect. Regardless, remember that the technical aspect is not the main one. You’ll be so involved in the plot that you won’t realize the little technical flaws.

Besides, I liked the look of the main characters. The latter is modeled on real actors, just like it was in Quantum Break. Good work Quantic Dream!

Heavy Rain’s legacy: which games can be defined as successors?

Earlier I said that Heavy Rain was the first of its kind. To be honest, that’s not the truth. There is another game, created by David Cage, Fahrenheit, that can be defined in this way. Regardless, Heavy Rain is the first title to achieve international success. When launched on the market, this psychological thriller was acclaimed by critics and audiences. So, that’s why it’s right to consider it a triumph.

But what are the video games that can be considered the legacy of Heavy Rain? Well, there are several titles. First, all the games released by Quantic Dream after Heavy Rain are heavily inspired by this game.

The first title is Beyond: Two Souls. The latter is a video game with a mysterious plot, which has its roots in the paranormal. The dark style and dramatic tones make it a “spiritual sequel” to Heavy Rain. However, I think this game is of a lower quality than Heavy Rain, but it’s worth a try.

Then there’s Detroit: Become Human. In some ways, this game is a masterpiece. At the heart of this project is an interesting ethical question: how long can an android be defined as a machine? Its strong point is the plot that follows the stories of three different protagonists. The player will always have to make the right choice, although sometimes this is more difficult than it seems. Detroit: Become Human is not a perfect game but it also seems to draw deep inspiration from Heavy Rain.

Finally, I want to mention Life is Strange. This game was not developed by Quantic Dream but it reminded me of Heavy Rain. If you want advice, add the legacy of Heavy Rain to your virtual collection, you’ll have quality games at your disposal!

Heavy Rain: what are your thoughts?

This was my Heavy Rain review. If you are convinced and want to try the game, you can buy it in our store at a special price. Besides, take a look at its trailer and decide whether to buy it.

Alternatively, if you already know this video game, what do you think? Do you think Heavy Rain is a masterpiece? Share your opinion with us just like…heavy rain!

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